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WoP team achieves 1.5 million BOINC credits

On October 4th of 2013 the World of Padman BOINC team already has crossed the magical 1.5 million credits line. It took the team a couple of years to achieve this goal. If you remember, we reported about the 1 million credits milestone back in early ...
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Open clan fight LF vs ASK

The WoP clans LF and ASK had an open clan fight with the support of free members from the World of Padman community and finally here are the results.Match 1: Team Free For All (InstaPad) on Harm's Huette --> L|F won 200 to 147Match 2: Capture The ...
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WoP Gameplay Tutorials

ENTE recently started a new channel DuckWire on YouTube where he's showing off several video games he likes. He also started to create World of Padman gameplay tutorials, because most people demoing WoP in Let's Plays or other presentations only scra...
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Gronkh and Sarazar played WoP

Gronkh and Sarazar, famous for their Let's Play Together shows and YouTube-channels here in Germany, recently played World of Padman. You can watch the recorded live-stream of the show at They present in the third part of the video the ma...
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ModDB has turned 10 years old

A couple of days ago ModDB celebrated its 10th birthday and ten years is a very long lifetime compared to other websites. Unbelievable, no one had heard of Facebook or even Twitter at that time. For some of us, being members of ModDB since 2002, we h...
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Meet us at GamesCom 2012

Three crazy members (watch the photo) of the World of Padman development team met at GamesCom in Cologne, the biggest international gaming expo of Europe, back in 2010. Two years later doomdragon, ENTE and Kai will meet there again on Thursday, Augus...
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Ashley Appletree webcomic

There is a new comic out there in the World Wide Web, created by our talented model artist Sebastian Henke aka doomdragon. It's an all ages comic about a cute little girl with the name Ashley Appletree. The first slides introduce Ashley and here fami...
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Four more

Some may have missed it: several very nice quake engine based games had a major release during the last couple of weeks. These games are like World of Padman real free to play indie games, started as small projects, are in development for years now a...
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Mapping contest extended

Hey folks, long time no see. It's been a while since we released our last news item and it shows you that the handful of WoP team members are quiet busy these days. We like to thank you for all those emails, PMs and maps you have sent in but we reall...
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New Monster Browser released

torhu, a programmer from Norway and member of the Smokin' Guns development team, recently released version 0.8a of his Monster Browser. It's a simple game server browser for Quake 3 based games (and mods) like Smokin' Guns, Urban Terror, Tremulous an...
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WoP Community Mapping Contest 2012

The upcoming weekend we start the first World of Padman community mapping contest. There are so many nice and well done community maps out there, but they're spread all over the world wide web and may get lost one sad day. To avoid this we would like...
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All WoP game servers updated

The 1.6 update of World of Padman was released a couple of weeks ago but it always needs some time until administrators recognize updates and start to patch their game servers. By checking Smiley's mighty server browser at our web page you can find o...
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Dieselkopf album Fear of the Future released

Fear of the Future is a brand new and recently released record by the band Dieselkopf from Sweden. It features 8 tracks which are available as mp3 downloads via Ubetoo. Some tracks are well known from the World of Padman soundtrack like Live your Lif...
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FAQ, Interview and more

Some people may have noticed that we started a FAQ sub-forum in our forum, which is also linked here in the main menu on the left side of our website. The goal is to gather all the frequently asked questions from the community and to answer them in o...
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In the Spotlight #2

Today in the spotlight we present a very nice video showing off some WoP v1.6 game play made by GameBoom, a community content driven site for gamers who like free games. The video starts with fighting PaddyBell and her sisters BadPaddy and PaddyBee i...
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A WoP year in a review

Chrismas is over and the new year 2012 still lies ahead of us. 2011 was a WoP year with ups and downs and lots of releases. WoP 1.5 was released on December 28th 2010 followed by the 1.5.1 hotfix at January 24th and the hotfix at June 29th. D...
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WoP 1.6 unleashed

World of Padman 1.6. patch is released and available for download as an unified zip file containing binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. A dmg for Mac OS X and an installer for Windows will be provided soon. The new version sol...
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WoP is the top 101 indie game of the year 2011!

Hey guys, it looks like we didn't make it in the top 100 nominees for IndieDB's Indie Game of the Year Awards for 2011. The competition is big these days and today INtense!, the founder of ModDB, told us that we are ranked on place 101 and only one v...
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Fly with us in oregano4's Airplane

Some people out of the community know a guy called oregano4 from the WoP Editing Forum. Back in early 2010 he presented some very first screen shots of his map project called "plane". We were really impressed by the high quality of the work and asked...
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The sisters of PaddyBell

Did you know that PaddyBell has sisters? Here are some very first screen shots of PaddyBell and PaddyBee, two new and alternative skins for the PaddyBell character model.Like the name BadPaddy suggests she is kind of a bad twin of PaddyBell. Definite...
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Indie of the Year awards 2011 started kicks off the 2nd annual Indie of the Year awards on December 1st. Within the upcoming 10 days of phase 1 you can nominate us as a top 100 indie game. We'll compete against more than 1500 released indie games this year. From December 10th...
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WoP Open Beta Weekend

We are having a World of Padman open beta weekend from Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of November. To prepare the next official version of World of Padman, which should be released very soon, we want to share with you the last changes coming up with Wo...
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WoP Desura statistics

Since we smashed the number of a thousand World of Padman installs via Desura short time ago, we thought you might have a look at some statistics and how it is presented to game developers. We don't know if a thousand single installs is a high or low...
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Cartoon contest without Padman

The Cartoon Contest hosted by ANIMAX Germany moved to the next stage. It's a pity but ENTE's Padman didn't make it into the top 10 voting to win a guest part in the TV series The Little Record Shop. Maybe it is for the good of all because as far as w...
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Goodbye Pappy-R

Some of you maybe noticed that Pappy-R leaves Planet Quake and steps back from writing news and articles on other sites like Planet Wolfenstein and Planet Doom too. Planet Quake is famous for being one of the first sites on the web posting news about...
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WoP CTL evening on Hectics PCS

We'd like you to mark Sunday, October 23, 8:00pm GMT in your calendar, since the PadCommunity decided to play Capture the Lolly on Hectics Public Custom Server. The event is organized by Hectic and the goal is to play CTL all evening, but with a few...
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Vote for Padman

From 21st of September to 21st of December ANIMAX Germany hosts a Cartoon Contest. Artists can send in a picture of their own cartoon character creation. The best character wins a guest part in the TV series The Little Record Shop. ENTE send in Padma...
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In the Spotlight #1

Today in the spotlight we present a small but nice video which we recently spotted on the OS-Community YouTube channel. It's about creating a World of Padman video and the difficulties coming along with it. We had a great time watching it. Enjoy.If ...
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WoP download guide

Some people got confused by the different versions we released in the past. This guide helps you pick the correct files for operating system.If you want to use another mirror than linked in this posting (, check the download box on the left si...
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TrashMap CTL - Sneak a peak

The following screen shots show some first impressions of Kai's TrashMap, adapted for the game mode Capture the Lolly. This map is huge and provides a diverse playground up to two dozen of players, filled up with all kind of weapons and items. Also e...
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WoP hotfix released for Linux

We are sorry to bug you with another file to download, but this update fixes an essential WoP security issue on Linux systems. Due to an serious vulnerability in ioquake3 that would allow a malicious server operator to execute arbitrary code on Linux...
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The new web site

Welcome to our new World of Padman web site. Due to a server change we took the change to switch our web site to the new layout. The layout was designed by ENTE and Smiley shows himself responsible on the functional properties. We think he can be ver...
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World of Padman 1.5.4 beta released

World of Padman 1.5.4 beta is released for open beta-testing. WoP 1.5.4 beta? And what's the matter with 1.5.3 beta, some of you might think. You need to know that we released 1.5.3 beta a couple of days ago but due to a major bug in bots path findin...
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How to draw PADMAN

ENTE just released a video on how to draw our beloved PADMAN character in a quick&dirty way.This might come in handy for your own PADMAN sketches, e.g. for levelshots and such ...
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The forum is moving

As you most likely noticed, the forum is currently unavailable. This is due to PadWorld moving to a new server.Both gaming servers are already running on the new hardware, forum and website are getting transferred afterwards. This will presumably tak...
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The canceled singleplayer

As many of you know, we originally planned a singleplayer mode for WoP, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won't be completed.The singleplayer concept just kept growing in size and at the end it was just too complex to ...
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ENTE`s April fool

Some of you maybe found out that ENTE's video released on April 1st was nothing but an April fool's trick. In the video (German only) ENTE is unboxing World of Padman game he recently ordered at Amazon. Beside his ambitions in game design ENTE is a p...
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World of Padman 1.5.2 beta released

Four years ago on April 1st, Padworld Entertainment released the World of Padman standalone game, a free and colourful first person fun shooter for the whole family. Since that time we added a lot of new stuff to the game, released a couple of patche...
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WoP Mac attack and other updates

World of Padman 1.5.1 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is released. After the WoP 1.5 release around Christmas last year, we faced an annoying bug which caused servers to crash if they got a status query during a map change. Also, some users reported ...
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3aTmes Deadsimple

If it's getting darker in the Padworld, then it's probably just because of 3aTme's new map "Deadsimple". The map shows you that WoP isn't only for colourful, bright maps. With just enough lightning and HQ-textures, the map can still look good. It isn...