The upcoming weekend we start the first World of Padman community mapping contest. There are so many nice and well done community maps out there, but they're spread all over the world wide web and may get lost one sad day. To avoid this we would like to create a single official community map pack, including all the high quality maps created by community mappers. Another goal is to update some of the old maps that currently are not compatible with World of Padman 1.6. Furthermore we want to include new and unreleased maps which still linger on your hard drive, waiting to be played.

Community Mapping Contest

You can submit your maps until the 21st of July. Afterwards, testing and voting by the community starts. Therefore PadWorld Entertainment provides an extra official server, running only the final community maps. As soon as maps are final, sent in and checked regarding requirements and integrity we will upload them to our server, where players can auto-download them. The contest has no special theme or topic, all maps are welcome which you consider suitable to the World of Padman.
All maps will be evaluated in three categories by a judging panel consisting of five members of the World of Padman development team. The judges review every map and give feedback if the requirements are fulfilled and hints or reasons when they are not fulfilled. Furthermore the community can vote for all maps to sway the judging panel evaluation. By August 21st we will finish the community voting and by September 2nd we expect to showcase the best community maps and to release the final community map pack.

We will provide coverage for all map entries. Every map will get its own topic in the WoP editing forum to gather community feedback. We also present the maps in a news post at our website as soon as they are final. It would be best not to wait until the deadline is reached, so send in your maps as soon as possible. Please note the contest rules and pay attention to the requirements section.

Support the project, update your existing maps to include them into the package.
The 1.6 update of World of Padman was released a couple of weeks ago but it always needs some time until administrators recognize updates and start to patch their game servers. By checking Smiley's mighty server browser at our web page you can find out that all WoP 1.2 and 1.5 game servers are gone now and most of them were updated to version 1.6. Maybe we have to thank websites like CHIP Online and heise online which updated their download portfolio a couple of days ago and listed the new WoP patch. CHIP Online bundled the WoP 1.6 patch with the WoP 1.5 full installer for Windows in one zip-file. Also many thanks to all the other websites and the community for distributing World of Padman news around the world.

So if you want to play online and cannot find any WoP game servers up there you should check if you have World of Padman 1.6 installed. After installing the patch you should be able to see more then 10 servers listed in the ingame server browser. If you need help installing the patch check out our video tutorial in English language below (nicely done with some German accent) or if you need some instructions in German language check out 795Manuel7's tutorial (How-To) World of Padman patchen (v1.5 zu v1.6).

Fear of the Future is a brand new and recently released record by the band Dieselkopf from Sweden. It features 8 tracks which are available as mp3 downloads via Ubetoo. Some tracks are well known from the World of Padman soundtrack like Live your Life and Sentimental Blur. Both tracks were remastered and polished up. Ronny Rasmusson, head of the band, is responsible for the very first World of Padman soundtrack which is still part of the game. More tracks of Dieselkopf in full length can be found on Soundcloud, MySpace and YouTube. Check it out.

Some people may have noticed that we started a FAQ sub-forum in our forum, which is also linked here in the main menu on the left side of our website. The goal is to gather all the frequently asked questions from the community and to answer them in one place. So if you are new to the World of Padman and you need help with, for example, how to install a patch or how to colour your nick name in game, this should be the first place to look at. We hope to fill up the threads with more questions and answers soon.

The Happy Friar, the man in charge of, got some time to interview me about World of Padman. There you can find some information about the history of WoP, the development of the game in the past and what's new in the WoP 1.6 patch release. Also we show off some little information about future plans and community events.

Last but not least: congratulations to the ASK clan for winning its second clan war against the Los clan last Sunday. There were three matches:

  • Capture the Lolly InstaPad on PadAsia: ASK - Los --> 2 : 1
  • Team Free For All InstaPad on PadKitchen: ASK - Los --> 80 : 50
  • Team Free For All on Huette: ASK - Los --> 80 : 38

ASK vs. Los - Match 1ASK vs. Los - Match 2ASK vs. Los - Match 3

PadWorld Entertainment was providing the server. If you need support for events like this, feel free to ask us. We also offer clans the possibility to have their own private forum in the World of Padman forum.
Today in the spotlight we present a very nice video showing off some WoP v1.6 game play made by GameBoom, a community content driven site for gamers who like free games. The video starts with fighting PaddyBell and her sisters BadPaddy and PaddyBee in oregano4's Airplane. Second part of the video presents the CTL game mode and powerups in Kai's FridgeWars.

Furthermore we have noted some activities concerning Let's Show/Play/Test regrading World of Padman in general. Some are really funny. All are in German language. Here is a list:

If you find similar stuff online which should be presented here on the front page, drop us a line in the WoP forum. Also, the Featured Pic needs an update from time to time, so feel free to submit your WoP pics. Every contribution is welcome.
Chrismas is over and the new year 2012 still lies ahead of us. 2011 was a WoP year with ups and downs and lots of releases. WoP 1.5 was released on December 28th 2010 followed by the 1.5.1 hotfix at January 24th and the hotfix at June 29th. Due to the WoP 2.0 release struggle this was a very big release after three years without any releases. We provided lots of new content like new player models and new maps, the long anticipated game mode Capture the Lolly, all maps polished and over 2000 textures revised. This release was possible after the team stopped working on the single player mode. This was a hard decision for us but from today's point of view a good one.

Picture 284

After the release of the 1.5.1 hotfix ENTE stepped back from developing the World of Padman game after more than 10 years of development. This was a major loss because ENTE always kept the team motivated and promoted the team working culture. Also other team members went inactive but four PadMembers vowed to keep on developing the game and to bring you the new version 1.6 of the World of Padman game.

Therefore we decided to change the release model because we didn't want to make you waiting for another long time. We provided the beta releases 1.5.2 to 1.5.5 in shorter release cycles and this was also an attempt to involve the entire community helping us to develop the game. Your feedback should help us fixing bugs and polishing the game play which was our new target after the big 1.5 release. But this strategy doomed to fail from the very beginning cause we nearly lost the whole player base due to the WoP 2.0 release struggle and also the 1.5 release was not able to revive the community like expected. Nearly no one visited the beta-server and bug-tickets were rarely seeded.

So, what are further development steps in 2012? First we want to bring you a new patch fixing bugs in version 1.6. Therefore we keep beta tests and releases internal again. PadWorld Entertainment is a small team developing the game these days and that's why help from the community to find bugs and game play issues always comes handy. If you are interested in beta testing drop us a line. Due to internal reasons all upcoming releases will be cumulative patches for the last WoP 1.5 full release. We will always release a unified archive file containing binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Furthermore we keep on using Desura as digital distributing service to keep your installation auto-patched. We have also future plans for some community events in 2012. Details will be announced separately soon.

We hope you had some Merry Christmas with your families and the whole team wishes you a happy new year.

PadWorld Entertainment
World of Padman 1.6. patch is released and available for download as an unified zip file containing binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. A dmg for Mac OS X and an installer for Windows will be provided soon. The new version solves some major game play issues and adds new features to the game. We also added new content like oregano4's Airplane, a map for SyC, LPS and DM game modes and two new skins for the PaddyBell character model, PaddyBell and PaddyBee. To all the modders and mappers out there, please pay attention to the change log. New source code and editing files are part of the download.

World of Padman v.1.6

This is a short list of bugfixes, changes and new features:
  • New map oregano4's Plane added
  • New PaddyBell player skins BadPaddy and PaddyBee added
  • New high quality ambient sound samples added
  • Quick info support feature for menu items added
  • New special icons for important game objects added
  • Few changes to weapon and item balance made
  • Bots navigation and game play behaviour improved
  • Issues with placing Bambam in solid brushes fixed

To install the patch it requires at least a full WoP 1.5 installation. There is no requirement of previous released hotfixes or any other prior beta installation. If you already have one installed, it's fine. Just overwrite existing files by unpacking the 1.6. zip file into your World of Padman installation folder. If you have WoP beta hotfix already installed please make sure to remove wop_007.pk3 from your WoP files before installing the WoP 1.6 patch.

Download WoP 1.6 patch for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
( 116 MB | MD5: 86ab95804ec6b1f0c81078f083c0fcda | )

Or simply play World of Padman on Desura. We have some servers set up and waiting for you:

Join the regular PadDay this evening! See you online!
PadWorld Entertainment

Btw: Due to another team cheating and withdraw from the contest we are back now in the top 100 list for Indie Game of the Year Awards 2011. Take the chance and vote for us now.

Hey guys, it looks like we didn't make it in the top 100 nominees for IndieDB's Indie Game of the Year Awards for 2011. The competition is big these days and today INtense!, the founder of ModDB, told us that we are ranked on place 101 and only one vote was missing to get in the top 100. Imagine that!

World of Padman and ModDB/IndieDB have a long history together. Let's have a look:
  • 2002 - PadMod (in development) receives ModDB's 'Creativity Award'
  • 2004 - PadMod receives the ModDB award 'Visual Delight'
  • 2004 - PadMod is nominated in the top 100 list of MotY awards
  • 2006 - PadMod is nominated in the top 100 list of MotY awards
  • 2006 - PadMod gets honourable mentioned for 'Visuals' and as 'Upcoming Standalone' in the Editor's Choice showcase
  • 2007 - World of Padman is nominated in the top 100 list of MotY awards
  • 2007 - World of Padman makes it as number 4 top indie game of the year
  • 2010 - World of Padman is nominated in the top 100 list of IGotY awards

We know that our player base is shrinking and the WoP 1.5 release couldn't stop this trend. Sometimes we fear to get buried by history but as long as someone is playing the game out there we are here solid as a rock. There is still a handful of people developing this game, adding new features, new content and improving the game play. So we will do with the upcoming WoP 1.6 release. Its just a matter of days. We are developing it but you are making the game! Maybe next year your vote makes the difference.
Some people out of the community know a guy called oregano4 from the WoP Editing Forum. Back in early 2010 he presented some very first screen shots of his map project called "plane". We were really impressed by the high quality of the work and asked him to include his map into the last official release but it wasn't finished at that time.
It's been a while since then but oregano4 used the time to polish the design, to improve game play and to fight out bugs. You need to know that for hobby level designers like us it takes sometimes ages to make such a high quality map and the first idea for this one came up in 2004!
But now in preparation of the World of Padman 1.6 release we are able to show you some amazing new screen shots. oregano4's Airplane will be part of the upcoming release! Stay tuned and enjoy!

oregano4's Airplaneoregano4's Airplaneoregano4's Airplaneoregano4's Airplaneoregano4's Airplaneoregano4's Airplane
Did you know that PaddyBell has sisters? Here are some very first screen shots of PaddyBell and PaddyBee, two new and alternative skins for the PaddyBell character model.
Like the name BadPaddy suggests she is kind of a bad twin of PaddyBell. Definitely not a cute fairy, equipped with some sharp teeth to bite you if you don't pay attention.
PaddyBee is a bee-like creature, that's why she has some nice insect wings and some black and yellow coloured clothing. Equipped with a nice motorbike helmet she is prepared for some fast game play.
Both were created by our talented PencilWhipped and come up with red and blue team skins. They will be available with WoP 1.6 soon.

BadPaddy in the Player SetupPaddyBee in the Player SetupBadPaddy in gamePaddyBee in game

Btw, what's the map in the background?