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Check out our IndieDB game profile and click the big vote button. Make sure you are logged in to improve our chances . To see some statistics check the scoreboard. Same procedure as every year! Vote for us and tell your friends!
We are having a World of Padman open beta weekend from Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of November. To prepare the next official version of World of Padman, which should be released very soon, we want to share with you the last changes coming up with World of Padman 1.5.5 beta. Code work is finished and now it's up to you to test new features and to find bugs. This is the last chance for us to receive your feedback before World of Padman 1.6 will be released, that's why it's a very important event to us.

WoP 1.5.5 beta

Starting from Friday evening we provide two servers running WoP 1.5.5 beta. One will provide team game modes CTL, BB and SyC. The other one will provide FFA, SyC and LPS game modes. We hope that you can try new features and give us feedback, if things work like expected. Please check if ...

  • voice chat icons over a player's head and in the HUD is shown when he is talking.
  • icons of teammates, loading stations, spray teleporter, LPS arrows and BB boxes are shown correctly and their respective buttons work in the game option menu.
  • the reduced ammo bottle load of Boaster (from 100 to 60) and Balloony (from 15 to 10) feels right with the weapons balance and game play.
  • the reduced Boaster direct hit damage (from 5 to 3) feels right with the weapons balance and game play.
  • the powerups are still handled correct while being in the spray room. Powerups should be removed completely when entering the spray room and given back correctly when leaving the spray room. The time of powerups is not paused!
  • the 3D stereoscopic feature and the 3D crosshair works, when selected in the menu.
  • the reduced PadPower damage feels right with the weapons balance and game play. We reduced the multiplier from 3 to 2.
  • BamBams are prone to visionless now and how this affect the game play.
  • the bots behaviour in CTL game mode and the navigation is flawless.
  • Bambams can't be placed into walls or mapobjects anymore.
  • the HUD indicates areas where no BamBams and Boomies can be placed correctly.

This is only a very short list of most important changes, fixes and improvements which were done since the WoP beta versions were in development. We hope to see some full servers and some nice improved game play. More information on the event and downloads can be found at our beta forum soon. If you are interested in helping us developing the game and squashing bugs you need to register at our forum to get access to the beta test section.
Since we smashed the number of a thousand World of Padman installs via Desura short time ago, we thought you might have a look at some statistics and how it is presented to game developers. We don't know if a thousand single installs is a high or low number for an indie game but guess what, we don't care. It's just fun to see the game be distributed all over the planet.

Desura demographicsDesura players and installations

As you can see most of the WoP players come from the United States of America followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. The pie charts illustrate that most players are between 15 and 24 years old and it seems that we are lacking of female players. The blue and red graphs in the chart below show the development of installs and uninstalls within the last three months. If you are interested in installing World of Padman via Desura and keep it up to date via automatic applied patches, just click the button below and follow instructions.

Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for indie games, mods and addons. A client for Windows and Linux operating systems is available to the public.
Some of you maybe noticed that Pappy-R leaves Planet Quake and steps back from writing news and articles on other sites like Planet Wolfenstein and Planet Doom too. Planet Quake is famous for being one of the first sites on the web posting news about Quake games and related mods since more then a decade. Pappy-R started posting news about the PADMod back in 2002. Although Jube was taking over writing news on Planet Quake for a couple of years Pappy-R didn't forget about us after Jube left the stage. He continued writing news about the World of Padman and so does TheHappyFriar after Pappy-R leaves now. On you can find a nice interview with Pappy-R about his Doom and Quake times and web pages recorded in 2009.

Pappy-RPappy-R & CaliGirl

All we can say is: Thanks for your support through the years. Goodbye and farewell Pappy-R. First Jube, now Pappy-R. The ranks are thinning out. We hope to see you online somewhere playing WoP.
We'd like you to mark Sunday, October 23, 8:00pm GMT in your calendar, since the PadCommunity decided to play Capture the Lolly on Hectics Public Custom Server. The event is organized by Hectic and the goal is to play CTL all evening, but with a few restrictions: teams will be fixed and set up right on that day. This way we don't get any team-hoppers or winning-team-joiners. Besides, we'd only have players who actually know how to play CTL. To join is simple! Just reply in the WoP forum with "I want to be part of it!". However please be certain that you'll be there and consider that the event will last approx. 1.5 hours. A "registration" is required to prepare the server and send out passwords. For more information check the announcement. Have fun.

Update from 20. Oct. 2011
Teams are selcted now. There are 20 players taking part. Have fun.

Blue team:
The Brain, Terminator, Deseiter, 3aTmE, Blu, Kingnils, GLL, D-Master, Psychic-pad, Pada, Feuerkrieger, PadOptera

Red team:
Face, Sauerbraten, Hectic, Tryhard, No-Chill, Suse, Arock, Wentolo, mch, Toxie, me!, noconnection

loading server:
From 21st of September to 21st of December ANIMAX Germany hosts a Cartoon Contest. Artists can send in a picture of their own cartoon character creation. The best character wins a guest part in the TV series The Little Record Shop. ENTE send in Padman. The first goal is to survive the top ten voting, running until 26th of October. So check the picture gallery and cast your vote. All you need is a Facebook account. Support Padman!

Picture 216
Today in the spotlight we present a small but nice video which we recently spotted on the OS-Community YouTube channel. It's about creating a World of Padman video and the difficulties coming along with it. We had a great time watching it. Enjoy.

If you find similar stuff online which should be presented here on the front page, drop us a line in the WoP forum. Also, the Featured Pic needs an update from time to time, so feel free to submit your WoP pics, every contribution is welcome.
Some people got confused by the different versions we released in the past. This guide helps you pick the correct files for operating system.
If you want to use another mirror than linked in this posting (, check the download box on the left side of the web page.


  1. Step: Download the WoP 1.5 full installer
  2. Step: Launch the installer from step 1
  3. Step: Download the WoP 1.6 patch
  4. Step: Extract the patch-zip into your WoP installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\World of Padman\). Overwrite files if you are asked to.


  1. Step: Download the WoP 1.5 unified zip
  2. Step: Extract the Zip into a directory of your choice
  3. Step: Download the WoP 1.6 patch
  4. Step: Extract the patch-zip into your WoP installation directory from step 2. Overwrite files if you are asked to.

Mac OS X

  1. Step: Download the WoP 1.5.1 full dmg
  2. Step: Mount it


Desura is a content distribution system, similar to Steam. Its goal is to make installing, updating and extending your games easier.
To install WoP via Desura just click the banner below and follow the instructions.

Please note: Beta versions are still available. If you want to help us to develop and test the game, just visit the beta-test section of the forum. All you need is an account in the forum.
The following screen shots show some first impressions of Kai's TrashMap, adapted for the game mode Capture the Lolly. This map is huge and provides a diverse playground up to two dozen of players, filled up with all kind of weapons and items. Also expect a complete new sound setting of the environment. We added a lot of new high quality sound replacements to World of Padman to enhance your experience. Kai's TrashMap and more new stuff will be shipped with the upcoming 1.5.5 beta patch. Stay tuned.

Picture 200Picture 202Picture 201Picture 203Picture 199Picture 204