We are sorry to bug you with another file to download, but this update fixes an essential WoP security issue on Linux systems. Due to an serious vulnerability in ioquake3 that would allow a malicious server operator to execute arbitrary code on Linux clients we supply all Linux users with some new binaries. We recommend an urgent update. The hotfix includes the prior hotfix 1.5.1 (no extra download needed) and can be applied directly on the WoP 1.5 full release. Windows and Mac OS X users are not hit by the issue, stick to WoP 1.5.1.

Download WoP hotfix for Linux

( 3.0 MB | MD5: 1bc6db1482184307c0c015c85c90dbe3 | wop- )

PS: WoP beta users please note that a fix for the issue will be included in the next beta version soon.

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Welcome to our new World of Padman web site. Due to a server change we took the change to switch our web site to the new layout. The layout was designed by ENTE and Smiley shows himself responsible on the functional properties. We think he can be very proud of the new server browser which shows all WoP servers running online with a remarkable amount of information just in time. On the left side of the web page you can find the main menu and the shout box for chat sessions. On the right side you can find boxes with the necessary WoP files to download for your preferred operating system, our official WoP servers running online and a couple of social community and third party links. We know, that the new web page is still under construction and some essential stuff like a help section is still missing, but we hope to deliver the missing pages soon.

Apart from worldofpadman.com being our official web address, worldofpadman.net, worldofpadman.org and padworld.myexp.de does the trick too. We also created some sub-domains for some of the external pages and social networks to help you finding the paths through the world wide WoP more easy.

Some of you maybe recognized that ENTE is quite active on his YouTube channel IchPackeAus, where he follows his ambitions as a passionate collector of movie DVDs. The channel ENTEsWelt is the domain of ENTE's professional life as an artist and book illustrator but he also presented a lot of World of Padman videos there. Now he decided to split between both domains and created a new YouTube channel PlanetPadman focussing World of Padman. This channel looks a little empty at the moment, but we hope that ENTE will add all the videos soon.
World of Padman 1.5.4 beta is released for open beta-testing. WoP 1.5.4 beta? And what's the matter with 1.5.3 beta, some of you might think. You need to know that we released 1.5.3 beta a couple of days ago but due to a major bug in bots path finding it wasn't as stable as we thought. That's why we kept silent about it and decided to release the new version a few days later to fix this bug and a few more.

WoP 1.5.4 beta

The new version solves some major game play issue like bots standing idle in CTL game mode and placing a BamBam into solid brushes. We added a new quick info (or tool-tip) feature for some of the menu items which appear on mouse over. The HUD now shows the the person voice chatting. To all the modders and mappers out there, please pay attention to the changelog. We made a few changes and additions to the game.

To install the patch it requires at least a full WoP 1.5 installation. There is no requirement of the 1.5.1 hot fix or any other prior beta installation. If you already have one installed, it's fine. Just overwrite existing files by unpacking the 1.5.4 beta zip archive into your World of Padman installation folder.

Download WoP 1.5.4 beta patch for Windows and Linux
( 26 MB | MD5: 9ff94e1b93ef8e3b4894f5872c535336 | wop-1.5.x-to-1.5.4-beta-patch.zip )

Furthermore the beta version is also available via Desura (World of Padman beta). It provides an auto update service regarding upcoming updates. So keep your client up to date by using Desura, just click the button.

Our beta-test server is up and running online, waiting for you at
loading server: worldofpadman.com:27961

Grab the new version and have fun.
Your WoP-Team

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As you most likely noticed, the forum is currently unavailable. This is due to PadWorld moving to a new server.
Both gaming servers are already running on the new hardware, forum and website are getting transferred afterwards. This will presumably take a few days.

In case you are getting bored meanwhile, why not play a round of WoP?
As many of you know, we originally planned a singleplayer mode for WoP, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won't be completed.
The singleplayer concept just kept growing in size and at the end it was just too complex to implement.
We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about what we had planned and show you some of the work we already had put into it.

The story is quickly told. Padman comes home from his "superhero"-work and discoveres that PadGirl has been kidnapped by the mad scientist Dr.Pad. Dr.Pad has taken PadGirl through some teleportation device to an unknown location and Padman tries to track him down.
Unfortunately Padman doesn't end up at the right location immediately and has to fight his way through various levels until he can rescue PadGril from the clutches of Dr.Pad.
That's the short version of the story. For the singleplayer we didn't only plan new maps, but also new gametypes and new enemies (some of which had been implemented already too).
We'd like to give you a nice insight to the start of the singleplayer story with the following video. Please remember that what is shown here was far from finished

It's obviously very unfortunate that all the work we had already done has to be thrown away know, but sometimes that's how it turns out. We're really sorry.
Some of you maybe found out that ENTE's video released on April 1st was nothing but an April fool's trick. In the video (German only) ENTE is unboxing World of Padman game he recently ordered at Amazon. Beside his ambitions in game design ENTE is a passionate collector of movie DVDs and on his Youtube channel IchPackeAus he shows some of his special editions. And there is another video, where he solves the trick, because World of Padman is available free for download and no one has to pay for it.

Four years ago on April 1st, Padworld Entertainment released the World of Padman standalone game, a free and colourful first person fun shooter for the whole family. Since that time we added a lot of new stuff to the game, released a couple of patches and finally released WoP 1.5, a revised and polished version with a couple of new features. You players always had to struggle with a long timespan between release dates and that's why we want to change the development and release strategy in a more open and community friendly way.

WoP 1.5.2 beta

Today we release a WoP 1.5.2 beta patch for open beta-testing. It's an attempt at involving the entire community into testing the game and we hope it will result in broader feedback than the closed beta-test we experienced while developing WoP 1.5. This time we focused on the server-side code and added some new features like stereoscopic 3D (from ioquake3), new cvars and fixed some bugs. We also added a few experimental gameplay tweaks. Therefore we made some changes to Boaster, PadPower and holdable items. We know that there are still bugs and game-play issues left to fix but they are often map related. We hope to fix them with the next beta releases. Furthermore we removed some stuff from the menu. If you are missing important things drop us a line.

Starting at the upcoming weekend, we will provide a beta-test server (PadWorld Entertainment Server) running WoP 1.5.2 beta for open access. It will be invisible to older versions of the game. Furthermore we'll provide a beta test section in our forum for the community discussion on features and feedback, so sign up and join the community. If you want to report bugs or request a feature please make use of our bug tracker and create bug tickets.

By the way, this is not an April fool's trick.
Have fun, your WoP-Team

[Update: April 1st 2011]
The beta server is up and running at

[Update: April 2nd 2011]
To install the patch you need to extract the zip archive into the WoP 1.5 installation folder. Overwite old files if needed. Furthermore the beta version is also available via Desura (World of Padman beta). It provides an auto update service regarding upcoming updates.

Download WoP 1.5.2 beta for Windows & Linux
( 21.4 MB | MD5: 86A6C5F11B4C283A7745B6726CF05084 | wop_1.5.2_beta_patch.zip )

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World of Padman 1.5.1 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is released. After the WoP 1.5 release around Christmas last year, we faced an annoying bug which caused servers to crash if they got a status query during a map change. Also, some users reported issues starting WoP on older hardware. They ended up with an OpenGL error message. All this and some other issues should be gone now.

Picture 9

The provided WoP 1.5.1 hotfix contains new binaries and other important files for Windows and Linux systems. If you installed the game via unified-zip or the Windows installer, this is your file to download. Please extract the content into your World of Padman installation directory and overwrite existing files. The patch does not contain new pk3 content, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues for people connecting with an outdated 1.5 client to an updated server or the other way around.

For all the Mac users out there, we now have a full dmg-image, which should support Mac OS 10.4 and newer on ppc, i386 and x86_64 platforms. Many thanks to Thilo and Hafer for spending a lot of time on creating the Mac files. It was a pain in the *** but we learnt a lot from it. We are sorry, but we couldn't test the Mac files on all systems. If you have any issues with the Mac release, please drop us a line. The package already contains WoP 1.5.1, so no extra patch for the Mac release is required.

OK, that's all for today, folks. If you are running a WoP server, whether online or local, make sure to apply the patch to prevent it from crashing. Have fun.

Download WoP 1.5.1 hotfix for Windows & Linux
( 4.4 MB | MD5: e7e300a6229a167573ccc370a8cc478e | wop-1.5.1-hotfix.zip )

Download WoP 1.5.1 full dmg for Mac OS X
( 904 MB | MD5: 201de777b64a75de1f2f518552307eb7 | wop-1.5.1-full.dmg )

World of Padman is also available via Desura. The new hotfix files should be applied there automatically.
If it's getting darker in the Padworld, then it's probably just because of 3aTme's new map "Deadsimple". The map shows you that WoP isn't only for colourful, bright maps. With just enough lightning and HQ-textures, the map can still look good. It isn't made for around 16 players, but this shouldn't affect the gameplay. The players have enough weapons to choose from and for the people who need health, can recharge in the middle of the symmetrical map. Fortunately, the map has enough signs, so you shouldn't miss any secrets. For those of you who think the map is too dark, you should tweak your brightness config, so you won't be afraid if Monsterpad jumps out at you.
So, get it!

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