You had to wait a long time, far too long already. But now the time has come, WoP, in version 1.5, is available for download - for Windows and Linux. The Mac-users have to wait a little bit longer unfortunately, but, rest assured, we haven't forgotten you!
We had planned to publish WoP 1.5 within this year and had to work on it until the very last second. We didn't even have the the time to advertise our new version the same way we usually do with a new release. This, of course, we are going to rectify in the very near future, so that the servers will fill up soon.

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But those of you who are here to enjoy the new version, be warned that you get presented a completely new WoP. Countless things have been revised and partly modified. There is a new game type, new maps, new player models, a new weapon, new powerups and much more. You might be in for some surprises.

We would like to thank all of you for your loyalty over the last few years. We hope that you like the new WoP and that the long wait has paid off a little. We would also like to thank Eileen Heath, who stepped in at the last second to record the last missing sound files.

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That's all we want to say for now. Grab the new version and have fun with it,

Your WoP team!

Download WoP 1.5 for Windows
( 947.8 MB | MD5: be22bc9b42f44c0a82dd332f1fba5360 | wop-1.5-full.exe )

Download WoP 1.5 for Windows & Linux
( 947.3 MB | MD5: 8871affc2a36f23aa22044454c834923 | )

World of Padman is also available via Desura!
Due to the USK rating for WoP (in Germany the game is rated for children 12 years and up) we were selected for a school championship tournament. We are the first ego-shooter that is ever played in this tournament and we are very pleased that we made it. Thanks goes to Turtle Entertainment, the organizer of the event.

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For more info (German only, sorry)
A couple of days ago we got an email from a guy called PencilWhipped from the USA. He describes himself as "an accomplished life-size sculptor, a Zbrush artist, a mechanical part drafter for farming equipment, a physical simulations creator, and, yes, even a character animator from time to time." He is currently attending the University of North Texas, where he majors in sculpture for the expressed purpose of teaching at the College or University level.
This sounded quite interesting to us and to show his skills he sent us a video of our well known character model PiratePad, but with a complete new set of animations. After watching the video we were really impressed by the stunning animations and felt like we found the right person for the job, but a little late on track for a WoP 1.5 release. PencilWhipped is a very talented artist, a highly inventive sculptor who is able to transfer his experiences with clay into the digital world with breathtaking detail. Combine this ability with a deep understanding for classical animation techniques, and we had to include him on the team for our characters. Immediately he started to work on new character models which will be hopefully shipped with WoP 1.5. Furthermore he tries to fight out issues with the existing ones. We are really happy about him joining the team. Welcome on board. For more information about Pencil's work check out his Facebook-gallery.

This might not be of real concern outside of Germany, but you might know that shooters traditionally have a tough standing in this country. Often decried as "killer games" by politicians, the debate on shooters tends to focus on the violent aspects of these games and the supposed effect it might have on adolescents, frequently ignoring the key aspect of these games - the fascinating game play dynamic that manifests when playing with and against others.

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Since the beginning of development, the "World of Padman" team has aspired to create a fun-shooter that can be enjoyed by young and old players and can not be put into the same "killer game" corner most other shooters are put into all too easily. We had been contacted by a German organization called "Spawnpoint - Institut für Computerspiel" which offered to apply WoP 1.5 for an USK12 label for us, since they assumed WoP would match the criteria.

The reason why they wanted to do this is that the video game educators of Spawnpoint and many other media educators in Germany are faced with the problem that they can't really use shooters in events and workshops attended by people under the age of 16 because games in that genre with a 12+ age rating just don't really exist on the market.

After some research they discovered WoP and saw great potential in it to be utilized in a media educational context. They assured us that the goal was not to change WoP, but to just use it as a showcase to critics, proving that the surface of a game does not have to affect the game play dynamic. They're hoping to then use this experience with WoP to create a more balanced view on other games like CS, CoD etc. without reducing them to their graphical presentation.

We weren't sure if we would really get a USK 12 rating even though WoP is very harmless in its presentation, but now it turns out that our worries were unfounded and WoP now officially carries a USK 12 label.

Does that change something for you as a player? Probably not, but additional support for WoP is always a good thing, right?
IndieDB announced the top 100 players choice indie games of the Year 2010 yesterday. After a very exciting phase 1 with tons of content posted over there at IndieDB, the organisation decided to expand the top 50 indie games to a list of 100. Because of your votes we made it into the list top 100 released indie games this year. Thank you so much for that. You can find us there in the First Person Shooter category. Now the awards continue with phase 2, nominating the top 10 until December 14th, 2010. This is your chance to nominate us, so just click the link below and make your vote.

Vote for us in the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards

A couple of weeks ago we presented some very first screen shots of ENTE's PadShop map. This map was made originally for PC Gamer back in the Quake 3 Arena days and found it's way to World of Padman when it was still a mod. After announcing it for the upcoming World of Padman 1.5 release we got some really nice comments on the game box arts shown on the screen shots. These box shots parody some commercial games out there and were created by ENTE and doomdragon. We decided to release a gallery of all pictures to give you the possibility to see more details and to compare with the original box shots of the original games. Check it out!
Don't forget to click the vote button on to nominate us for the top 50. There are only few hours to go.

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World of Padman got some multimedia attention last weekend at the 12th annual German media awards MB21 - Mediale Bildwelten in Dresden. MB21 is the most important multimedia competition for children and young people up to the age of 21 in Germany. The event was organised by the Multimedienkulturzentrum Dresden e.V. and big and small media projects took part. From the 12th to the 13th of November Spawnpoint - Institut für Computerspiel (institute for computer games) organised a workshop called Comic Shots. Participants had around 45 minutes to create their own comics based on World of Padman. They took screen shots from the levels in-game to create their own short stories. We are very excited about this event and would like to show some of the creative results.

  • Super Elli (1/2/3) by Alexander Lau
  • No Titele (1) by Carlo Krebs
  • The Kitchen (1/2) by Marc Jassner
  • Phantom Darkness (1/2) by Rapeni
  • My Sweetheart (1/2/3/4) by tron

WoP Comic ShotsWoP Comic ShotsWoP Comic Shots
Many of you remember the good old PadShop from Quake 3 and the mod days of WoP. Unfortunately the map didn't make into the standalone game, although ENTE always wanted to include it. Its many gimmicks and details made it a very popular map back in the day, so we decided to include an updated PadShop in the upcoming 1.5 patch.
ENTE has pushed a lot to get the map completely overhauled. Most of the side rooms were redone from scratch and bear little resemblance to the old ones. There is a new Imperius room, a new Padpower room and a new closet interior. The Doom room is still part of the map but we have yet to clarify if we can keep it in there. Of course the main room got a lot of love too, with lots of new details waiting to be discovered.
A special highlight are the padshop textures, no other map received so much attention: ENTE has, with doomdragons help, replaced all the game box covers... not just with other covers of other games but with self-made parody drawings. Does that sounds like a lot of effort? It was!
If you liked the old PadShop, you will love the new one, guaranteed ;)

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May we introduce to you: PadCho, our friend from the wild west. As promised, there will be a couple of new playermodels shipping with the upcomming 1.5 patch. This tough guy here is one of them, he was sketched by ENTE, modeled as well as textured by Gogitason and finally brought to life by Doomdragons animations. So, you better watch out for the small dude with the big sombrero, he might not come in peace.

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It's time to present to you another plattform map for you to battle it out on.
This new map has a layout quite similar to PadCrash and it's called PadBase. As the name suggests, the map has been created by ENTE. Padbase is suited for our upcomming gametype Capture the Lolly, featuring two well protected bases with a narrow plattform in between. On top of that are three more plattforms, the middle one being a mover. Even though this one is about twice as large as PadCrash, you'll hardly have time to catch your breath during matches. Epic battles for giant candy are guaranteed ;)

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