Not only is PadWorld Entertainment working all night on a product for your pleasure. So is Stepan Hrbek, who's working on a lightning benchmark called Lightsmark. This benchmark has now been released in a first version and shows off how light and shadows are rendered in real time and what the difference is between different shadow types.


But why are we presenting this in our news section? Well, ENTE's PadAttic was taken as the environment in which all the benchmarks are run! So if you want to see the PadAttic with real time lights, than grab the Lightsmark - Next Generation Lightning Benchmark and enjoy.

Awhile ago Harmonieman made a detour into the wonderful world of television in order to present WoP on German MTV, ENTE of course didn't want to fall behind and accepted an invite to visit Giga TV.
So last week he packed his bag and drove to the Giga studio in Cologne in order to demonstrate to the viewers of the Giga Esports Insight show which games (and of course much better games) other than counterstrike are out there. ;)

If you missed the show, or can't watch Giga, there's still hope for you thanks to kARMU.
He recorded the 17-minute long segment and thus makes it possible for us to offer you the whole thing for download now.

We have added English sub titles now so you can read along and watch Ente kick the hosts butt playing WoP with him. ;)

This was a surprise to us because we found a note in our shout box that WoP would be televised on German GIGA TV. And that's exactly what happened! The two boys (and a girl) played the game for about 25 minutes live on television to present it to their audience. Great! It's a pity that GIGA TV is not available everywhere here in Germany and the video stream via the internet is not the best alternative. But Pinhead recorded the broadcast and Frankenraecher reduced it to the best scenes and made it available to you. Download the video ( 50MB ) and watch WoP on GIGA (German language only) again.

[Download no longer available]

Besides the surprising appearance on TV, we had a lot of requests from local and international game magazines to feature WoP in their next release or to put it out on DVD. Watch out! If you don't have a fast internet connection to download the 550MB package, then just look at the magazine stands nearby.
By the way, our Harmonieman visited the Hamburg editorial office of MTV GameOne, a German TV show about computer games, for an interview about making a mod in general, and it was broadcast on GameOne on 21st of March at 7:30 pm (GMT+01:00). This gives us a nice opportunity to show you some fresh footage of WoP via television courtesy of material from kARMU and Wakey. (In German, without subtitles ;) )

[Video no longer available]
We are pleasantly surprised and humbled by the coveted ModDB mod award 'Visual Delight'.

If this continues, each physical trophy received will need to be modelled so we can display it with pride somewhere safe inside a future padmaps.

Finally, like any award, we want to try to keep hold of it, and to that end an attempt will be made to raise the standard a little higher with the upcoming maps earmarked for the PadGame.