WoP PadMod Wallpaper by DoomDragon Featured

The WoP news of the year 2003

In the pre-Christmas season of the last year, we had already dealt quite intensively with the early history of World of Padman and put in this context, the old PadFiles…

[PAD]DAY Revival Featured

[PAD]DAY moves to PadWorld server

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new server “PadWorld” online. This server used to be our official World of Padman server from the WoP development team…

Wanted! Dead or alive! Skull Overlord by Da Reaper Featured

Wanted! Skull Overlord

Advent season is over and Christmas is here. We really hope, that you enjoyed our advent season special and liked to explore the origin of World of Padman, before it…