Music pack #1 by Dieselkopf (PadMod/Q3A)

This is the first music pack as an addon for the FunMod World of Padman, also known as the PadMod, for the game Quake 3 Arena. Most of the tracks were created especially for the PadMod by Ronny Rasmusson from the Swedish industrial hardcore band Dieselkopf. Due to the file size the release took place on June 12, 2004, one week before the actual PadMod was available. Dieselkopf reserves all rights on the music.

  • Music by Dieselkopf
  • Featuring 9 Tracks
  • Cover by ENTE
  • Date: June 12th, 2004


Music pack #1 by Dieselkopf for the PadMod (Q3A)
( 115 MB | | MD5: 7C0FF92A72A8671FF99CFF5656AA72E7 )


Please unpack the content of the ZIP file and copy the containing PK3 file into the wop folder of your Quake 3 Arena installation directory.

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