Music pack #2 by Dieselkopf (PadMod/Q3A)

This is the second music pack as an addon for the FunMod World of Padman, also known as the PadMod, for the game Quake 3 Arena. Most of the tracks were created especially for the PadMod by Ronny Rasmusson from the Swedish industrial hardcore band Dieselkopf. Dieselkopf reserves all rights on the music.

  • Music by Dieselkopf
  • Featuring 9 Tracks
  • Cover by ENTE
  • Date: January 23rd, 2005


Music pack #2 by Dieselkopf for the PadMod (Q3A)
( 103 MB | | MD5: 1480FEEDFB6A516F441A2A89DD8FFE58 )


Please unpack the content of teh ZIP file and copy the containing PK3 file into the wop folder of your Quake 3 Arena installation directory.

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