Capture The Lolly

The popular Capture The Flag has also made its appearance in World of Padman as Capture The Lolly (CTL) and is a purely team-based game type. Instead of hunting for flags, the player is on the hunt for sugar-sweet lollies.

Game principle

In Capture The Lolly two teams try to intrude the opposing base to steal the lolly in the opposing team colour, blue or red. Once this has been done, the opponent’s lolly must be carried into the own base in order to be dropped off at the own lolly. It is important to note that a player can only score if the own lolly is in the base at the same time. If this is not the case, the player’s own lolly must first be retrieved by taking down the opponent’s lolly carrier and collecting the lolly by the own team. The lolly then appears immediately in the own base and does not have to be carried back first. So it is about stealing the opponent’s lolly as well as protecting the own lolly in order to score points. Only a team that works well together will succeed.

The lolly in your possession can be dropped at any time during the game by pressing the “Drop Cartridge” button and passed on to other players who can then collect it. The powerups Boomies and BamBam were developed to further increase the tactical depth of this game type. These are limpet mines and an auto-gun that cannot be placed everywhere on the map.


For each lolly conquered and delivered to your own base, your team will be credited with 5 points. By shooting down the players of the opposing team, no points can be scored, unless it is the opposing lolly carrier. If he is taken down, the own team receives 2 points. In a nutshell:

  • Capturing and delivering the opponent’s lolly: 5 points
  • Taking down the opponent’s lolly carrier: 2 points


In Capture The Lolly, the player’s HUD is slightly adjusted according to the requirements of the game mode. In the lower right corner of the display, the status of the two lollies is shown in the respective team colour in the map. If the spiral-shaped lolly icon is displayed, the lolly is located in the respective team base at the spawn point. If the x-shaped lolly icon is displayed, the lolly is currently owned by the opposing team. If the ?-shaped lolly icon is displayed, the opposing lolly carrier has lost the lolly somewhere on the map. If the player has collected the opponent’s lolly himself, this is indicated by the rotating 3D model of the lolly at the bottom of the HUD and by a glowing aura of the player on the floor.