The WoP Story

World of Padman was developed over many years and that is why we want to give you an understanding of this outstanding history. The following video (German only), which was originally created by ENTE as an answer to the WoP Let’s Play Together of Gronkh and Sarazar back in November 2012, gives a very good overview. We reported here about it.

We don’t want to leave it at that and on the following pages we put together some worth reading facts and figures. We hope that we can complete this collection very soon. We wish you much fun while you poke around!

The Padman Comic Series

1997-2001: The PADMAN comic series

It is a PADMAN! In 1997 the story around PADMAN began. The former game console…

The PadMaps Mania

2000-2002: The PadMaps Mania

PADMAN and Quake 3 Arena It was the end of 1999 when ENTE first held…

2000-2010: The PADMAN player model

PadMaps instead of PADMAN PADMAN as a player model has been ENTE’s big wish for…