Willkommen bei World of Padman

Willkommen auf der offiziellen Website von World of Padman, einem Freeware Fun-Shooter, entwickelt von ENTE und seinem Team. Auf dieser Seite findest Du die offiziellen Downloads und Informationen zu unserem Spiel. Falls Du Hilfe benötigst oder Fragen zum Spiel hast, kannst du gerne im [PAD]Community-Forum oder auf unserem Discord-Server vorbei schauen.

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Unvanquished 0.52 beta released

It’s sometimes nice to think outside the box a bit, and so Unvanquished finally reached beta status with the release of version 0.52 recently. This step took several years and countless changes and bug fixes have gone into this version. Unvanquished is a free-to-play, open-source first-person strategy game that pits technologically advanced human soldiers against […]

Support us on GitHub

Back in 2012, Cyrri set up an account on GitHub for the WoP team, at that time mainly with the goal of making the source code of World of Padman freely available to everyone according to the specifications of the GPL2. Previously, this was done on SourceForge, ModDB and of course with each WoP release, […]

WoP team back in action

Almost 10 years after the last patch and shortly after the 14th birthday of the WoP standalone, the core of the WoP team came together last night to discuss a further development of World of Padman, which was then decided. Yes, you read correctly, the development of World of Padman will be revived! The story […]