Welcome to World of Padman

Welcome to the official website of World of Padman, a freeware fun shooter developed by ENTE and his team. On this site you will find the official downloads and information about our game. If you need help or have questions about the game, feel free to visit the [PAD]Community forum or our Discord server.

The development of the game is currently suspended. Unfortunately, we can not take responsibility for content and downloads outside of this website and the mirror linked by us. These are not from us and are not coordinated with us.

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WoP News

20 Years of Quake 3 Arena

Today, 20 years ago, on 2nd December 1999, id Software released Quake 3 Arena, setting the bar higher than ever for first-person shooters. It was a shooter designed purely for…

Indie of the Year Awards 2019 started

IndieDB has today launched its annual Indie of the Year Awards for the tenth time. The site remains true to its concept and you have the chance to vote World…

Padman – The Comic Series

Surely you have already noticed that we have slightly adapted the main navigation of our website. The new menu item XTRAS has been added, where you can find, besides the…

Happy Halloween

As you already know, today is Halloween and with a little help Adri {HUN}, a well known member of our [PAD]Community and famous for her Padday videos, created this beautiful…

Join the Blue Noses!

Join the Blue Noses!