Welcome to World of Padman

Welcome to World of Padman, a freeware fun shooter developed by ENTE and his team. On this website you will find the official downloads and information about the game. If you need help, have questions about the game, or just want to get together for an online match, feel free to drop by on our Discord server. Tell your friends about World of Padman and link us!

Recent WoP News

ENTE revises the menu for WoP 1.7

Even though it’s been a few months since our last news post, the development of World of PADMAN 1.7 has not come to a standstill and despite some interruptions, a lot has happened in the meantime. We are currently approaching the 90% completion mark and our repository on Github now shows over 1,300 commits since […]

2024 will be a WoP year

Welcome to 2024, we hope you had a good start into the new year and were able to sleep in a little. This year will certainly be a WoP year, because on the one hand, the development of WoP 1.7 has made a decent leap forward in recent weeks and months with a status of […]

A little bit of OpenGL2 power

Thanks to ioquake3, World of PADMAN gets a little more graphics power and OpenGL2 will be the new standard renderer in the upcoming version 1.7, which gives us the opportunity to modernize the graphics of WoP discreetly, even if we will not use all possibilities. Besides high dynamic range rendering and tone mapping with auto […]

New music by Neurological

Nicola Capecci aka Neurological produced the album “Painted Death” back in 2009 especially for World of PADMAN, which has been part of the standard installation since WoP 1.5. The soundtrack initially comprised seven, later nine unique tracks from the metal genre mixed with elements of hard rock. World of PADMAN 1.7 will now include new […]