Welcome to World of Padman

Welcome to World of Padman, a freeware fun shooter developed by ENTE and his team. On this website you will find the official downloads and information about the game. If you need help or have questions about the game, feel free to drop by on our Discord server. PADMAN and the WoP team wish you a successful start into the year 2022. Stay healthy!

A Colorful New Year 2022

Recent WoP News

WoP in the Top 100 Indie Games 2021

Thanks to you, World of Padman has made it back into the Top 100 Indie Games for the fourth year in a row, after being absent from 2012 to 2017. Almost 1,6 million visitors have cast over 8000 votes on IndieDB in the last few days and could choose between 1500 games. In the next […]

HellPad returns

Straight out of hell and just in time for the last Padday of this year comes HellPad, an alternative skin for the PADMAN player model in World of Padman. The HellPad skin was originally created by Mario “Shocker” Perez Leal of Team Quakerszone for Quake 3 Arena in November 2000 with a lot of dedication […]

Indie of the Year Awards 2021

IndieDB is launching its 12th annual Indie of the Year Awards today, and you once again have until December 10th to vote for World of Padman among the Top 100 Indie Games of the year 2021. This is once again a great way to promote our game a bit by simply going to our IndieDB […]