Welcome to World of Padman

Welcome to World of Padman, a freeware fun shooter developed by ENTE and his team. On this website you will find the official downloads and information about the game. If you need help, have questions about the game, or just want to get together for an online match, feel free to drop by on our Discord server. Tell your friends about World of Padman and link us!


Indie of the Year Awards 2023

Recent WoP News

The last Padday was a blast

The last Padday was very successful. Last Sunday, more than 25 players gathered on our PadWorld server to celebrate the last Padday of the year together. Some of the maps got quite cosy. Especially in the game mode LPS with activated arrow icon, an unexpected picture emerged, as you can see on the screenshot.   […]

Three PADMAN Skins for WoP 1.7

World of PADMAN 1.7 will bring three more skins for the PADMAN model. These are well-known skins and two of them no longer need to be downloaded separately. HellPad, which was originally created by Mario “Shocker” Perez Leal for Quake 3 with great attention to detail, was already part of the last PadMod update from […]

Indie of the Year Awards 2023

And it’s that time again: IndieDB has launched its annual Indie of the Year Awards and, as every year, you have until December 10th to vote World of PADMAN in the Top 100 Indie Games of 2023. This is another great opportunity to promote our game by simply going to our IndieDB profile page and […]