The Balloony is oddly unpredictable. It is quite difficult to fire a targeted shot with it, as its water bombs jump wildly around. The advantage, however, is that the water bombs can only explode after a certain time and cause a lot of damage. In narrow spaces this can quickly become very dangerous and fatal for groups of enemies!

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationmedium range
Fire modesingle
Hit damage80 hit points (direct damage) plus up to 80 hit points (splash damage within a radius of 80 units)
Fire rate75 rounds per minute
Time fuse balloons2,5 seconds
Muzzle velocity900 units per second
Ammunition typeorange ammunition bottle
Ammunition quantity*10 shots in the clip and 10 shots per bottle
Maximum portable ammunition200 shots

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

LOONS A’Hoy! This weapon be truly devastating if used well and can also stop crowds dead in their tracks, but be warned, taking yourself out in the process will see your rampage come to a dead-end.

  • You can cover an area with explosions effectively by firing ‘loons in random directions towards an area.
  • If you are about to go through a teleporter, then just before you teleport, fire a ‘loon just above / to the side of you slightly so it bounces past you, but will hit someone chasing you.
  • Use this weapon in places with a lot of players, it will cause a riot, just be EXTREMELY careful and stay back if you can.
  • Combine this weapon with the PadPower to become a true force to be fearful of.
  • If your opponent is totally unshielded then one direct hit ‘loon will be nearly enough to knock him out!
  • If you see someone approach a jump pad you just used, then stand back, and as he appears, fire some ‘loons in the jump pads path, but try to predict it so both the enemy and the ‘loon will connect. This takes some practice, but is ever so useful for easy knockouts.
  • Do not use ‘loons when you are low on health … I would rather use the Nipper than this on low health (medium range anyway).
  • It is extremely good against someone that is standing still.
  • It is good at firing at health stations in use.