Bubble G.

Now it’s getting really colorful! The Bubble G. (stands for Bubble Gum) shoots small, differently coloured balls in quick succession, which can be quite a challenge. It can also be used creatively to color the whole map. Due to the high fire rate and the projectile speed, the Bubble G. is very well suited for medium ranges.

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationmedium range
Fire modeautomatic
Hit damage20 hit points
Fire rate600 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity1800 units per second
Maximum range18000 units
Ammunition typeaqua ammunition bottle
Ammunition quantity*50 shots in the clip and 40 shots per bottle
Maximum portable ammunition200 shots

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

  • The Bubble G.’s tight firing rate makes it excellent at medium range. Any further, and it becomes easy to dodge. Any closer, and it becomes hard to track your opponent effectively.
  • Your ammo depletes quickly, due to the short ammo supply and high ammo consumption rate. Always make sure you have a backup weapon in case the Bubble G. runs out.
  • Bubble G. is the best when it comes to pinning down an opponent or covering entrance points. It can pressure fire a narrow hallway with ease and in case an opponent runs towards you.
  • When fighting someone with the Bubble G., try to get in close with a Pumper. Alternatively, you can try to back off and retaliate with a Boaster or a Splasher. Whatever you do, make sure you do not stay in between long and close range. Also avoid narrow corridors, where your opponent has a huge advantage over you.
  • Due to the fact that it is difficult to hit an enemy, players tend to ignore this weapon for something like a Betty. If this is all you have, fire erratically near your target to get some of the health down.