With this double-barrelled water gun the player can have a blast. With its powerful lightning discharge at the end of the jet, it can also cause damage to enemies in the vicinity. This can be very helpful if aiming and hitting does not work out properly. However, it only has a limited range and should therefore preferably be used for medium ranges. At short distances the player can quickly inflict damage on himself. Also the Pumper cannot be fired so fast one after the other.

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationmedium range
Fire modesingle
Hit damage70 hit points (direct damage) plus up to 50 hit points (splash damage within a radius of 80 units)
Fire rate60 rounds per minute
Maximum range1024 units
Ammunition typegreen ammunition bottle
Ammunition quantity*10 shots in the clip and 15 shots per bottle
Maximum portable ammunition200 shots

Psychic Pads Monster Tips

This powerful medium range weapon is often not used unless it is the only choice left, but this weapon is truly devastating if used properly:

  • If you have a good aim, then 2-3 direct hits on an unshielded opponent will see them come crashing down hard and fast!
  • If your opponent is dodging your shots then no worries … aim at their feet and tell them to start dancing, as the splash damage will see them kiss your feet quickly. 😉
  • It is possible to get a feel for when your opponent is just out of range. Use it often and you will learn that a decently used Pumper + Bubble G. combo will be that is all you need for close, medium and long ranges.
  • This weapon has more power than most players give it credit for! Do not underestimate it.
  • When paired with PadPower, you can perform Pumper jumps without dealing self damage. This is especially useful when you try to get to hard-to-reach areas.