Standalone Complex

Here you can find all files of World of Padman – Standalone Complex (WoP 1.1/1.2) sorted chronologically descending. Please note that the contents offered here are property of the respective authors and therefore subject to copyright. You can usually find more information in the enclosed README file.

WoP 1.2 patch release

This is the WoP 1.2 patch, which besides a ton of bug fixes, including a critical one, fine tunes the gameplay and weapon balance in many places. This patch requires at least the WoP 1.1 full version. For MacOS, there was a re-release marked as WoP 1.2b a little later, as the original patch was buggy.

(Released: 22.01.2008 | MD5: DAC26580F836D733560CF962C2A2E772 | SHA-1: 7CC3D494C4A32FCC4841F87D53D7036C65BDFC21)

(Released: 06.12.2007 | MD5: 6E20349070973D7986F3833F944C9960 | SHA-1: FCFAF975B7B8271E6C63B4F6FF1C885D0E34DC14)

(Released: 06.12.2007 | MD5: 3468FC91889795471BC68E35EA334614 | SHA-1: 7DBBBD6576B39F234FF46A927713C7A6C2C9C807)

ENTE’s PadPack – WoP MapPack #1

This is ENTE’s PadPack, the first and only official map pack for World of Padman – Standalone Complex. It contains PadCastle, PadGallery and PadCrash, three of ENTE’s old PadMaps for Quake 3 Arena, which he significantly enhanced for the WoP standalone. The PadPack is available as a unified zip for Windows, Linux and MacOS or as an installer for Windows. This version only works with WoP 1.1 and 1.2.

(Released: 16.07.2007 | MD5: C59E212B29B28E0162AF33DFB118344C | SHA-1: 75B55FD5C32A018893A9E09D5460630D4C550FD4)

(Released: 16.07.2007 | MD5: 5A31EAA829E2A6A8D7A70C799E7F6602 | SHA-1: 740A0C0FA532225AA7F1A1E77F172CCAA80C6C9D)

WoP 1.1 full release

This is the initial release of World of Padman – Standalone Complex, which was an installer for each of the three supported operating systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS. With this release, World of Padman became a standalone game and no longer required Quake 3 Arena installed.

(Released: 01.04.2007 | MD5: 441A4ACFE0AC9BA98B62EC8EECC8D07A | SHA-1: 658C95184A7C1DCD9142CB4F9F020B40DE729B27)

(Released: 01.04.2007 | MD5: C7650414D7865DDAC26ADA6B3F7B8CC9 | SHA-1: CD6E37BF6148FBD7A2F1553D6C52BD9AA7C6193F)

(Released: 01.04.2007 | MD5: AC9B8902CAAA21F6C13A09E11FFFB69F | SHA-1: 578A875810681CB1D800D5C0E092EC064734C491)