PadGarden NV (Q3A)

PadGarden is ENTE’s fifth map for Quake 3 Arena and represents a small backyard garden with a garden pond, a deckchair, a sandcastle, a barbecue and a nesting box. It is ENTE’s first map with a giants theme, which means that your are not bigger then a grasshopper in there. It is one of his most famous PadMaps and this is the overhauled and new released version. It is replacing the old version in the installation directory. The version in WoP today, is an indispensable part of the standalone game.

  • Game types: FFA, Team DM
  • Bots: Padman, Cpt. Kork, Schrottie, No. 1, Hellpad
  • Date: January 1st, 2001

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