PadGarden (Q3A)

PadGarden is ENTE’s fifth map for Quake 3 Arena and represents a small backyard garden with a garden pond, a deckchair, a sandcastle, a barbecue and a nesting box. It is ENTE’s first map with a giants theme, which means that your are not bigger then a grasshopper in there. It is one of his most famous PadMaps and got an intense overhaul and was new released for Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force. A few days later ENTE released it also again in a new version for Quake 3 Arena, which replaces this version in the installation directory. The version in WoP today, is an indispensable part of the standalone game.

  • Game types: FFA, Team DM
  • Bots: Orbb, Uriel, Sorlag, Klesk, Tank Jr.
  • Date: May 23rd, 2000

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