2004/04 | GIGA Games

Premiere of the PadMod at GIGA Games

Telecasted by GIGA Games (DE) | April 15th, 2004

“It (the PadMod) is really very funny, very beautiful, very neat, very comprehensive and there is much to show. I wish us, so to speak, a lot of fun now.”

In April of 2004, World of Padman was about to be released as a modification for Quake 3 Arena. At that time, ENTE and the PadMod team provided GIGA Games a beta version of the PadMod. This was then extensively played and presented in the show. Unfortunately, the mod was not started with the correct configuration file, resulting in erroneous representations of the lighting and model textures. In addition to the broadcast, there was a detailed article at the same time about the PadMod, which can be accessed directly via GIGA.de.