2004/06 | GIGA Games

Second presentation of the PadMod at GIGA Games

Broadcasted by GIGA Games (DE) | June 21st, 2004

“I think it is also very good, a very thorough implementation of the idea and actually a test would have been appropriate here.”

In June of 2004, World of Padman was once again presented at GIGA Games as a modification to Quake 3 Arena right after its release. Spray Your Color Team was played on ENTE’s PadKitchen and Last Pad Standing on Harm’s Diner. Special mention was given on the music menu and the function of the kill room when the player lingers too long in the spray room. In addition to the sometimes quite dark ingame scenes, unfortunately, a lot of time was spent on the Monday painting puzzle and not with WoP. Viewers should guess the server password and participate in the show as a player online.

Video – Take 1

Video – Take 2

Video – Take 3