2005/03 | PlanetQuake.com

Mod of the Week – World of Padman

Published on PlanetQuake.com (US) | March 7th, 2005

“My ‘Computer Arts’ teacher in college told us to follow one rule: do NOT use all the colors of the rainbow when making something on a computer. These guys broke that rule. Then smashed it into little bits. Then flushed it down the toilet. And they did it very very very well.”

A very good and compact review of The Happy Friar about the PadMod World of Padman, which was presented for the first time as Mod of the Week. The PadMod is praised as a complete package that changes everything on Quake 3 Arena, the weapons, the powerups, the game modes and delivers great maps with many secrets, traps and Easter eggs. The basis for this was the PadMod including the Update 01, the PadShop, the PadPack and the two music packages. The article is directly accessible via PlanetQuake.com (web archive). The pictures in the article are unfortunately lost.