2007/07 | Svet Kompjutera

World of Padman in Serbia

Published in Svet Kompjutera (RS) | July 2007

“The abundance of colours, scenic locations, inventive weapons, numerous maps, funny items, lots of humour and equipped with subtle brutality, are just a part of this great and free title.”

Also in Serbia, a very detailed article was written by Jovana Erčić in section Svet Igara (World of Games) about the release of World of Padman as a standalone game. It explains the most important points about weapons, maps, game modes and gameplay, as well as going into detail about the back story of Padman and its creator ENTE. The article can also be accessed directly via Svet Kompjutera’s news archive on sk.rs.


Courtesy of the editors of Svet Kompjutera.