Free For All

The classic among the game types Free For All (FFA), also known as Deathmatch, is also a must in World of Padman.

Game principle

In Free For All, each player tries to win on his own against the other players. Points can only be earned by taking down the other players who, after a few seconds, respawn at another point on the map to dive into the crowd again. In this mode, skill, reaction speed, weapon handling and precise knowledge of the respective map are crucial for the game. The game is only limited by a given time or points limit.

Free For All can also be played together as a team. Two teams, blue and red, compete against each other. The points achieved by each player are then credited to his team. In the team mode of Free For All the control of strategically important areas of a map, with certain powerups and weapons, by the own team comes more strongly into the foreground.


One point is awarded for each player player or player of the opposing team taken down in Free For All team mode. If, however, the player eliminates himself through his own fault, this will result in a minus point.

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

Everyone is your enemy; so take them out to wrack up your point count! Here are some essential tips for this game type:

  • Killerducks rule in this game type, so use them! They make hitting the point limit much easier.
  • Collect the PadPower often and it will help you gain a huge advantage so maybe you want to hang around near the spawn point of this powerup. 😉