This hand puppet has it all! It bites and does a lot of damage to the opponent. The Punchy is not only the right choice for ammunition shortages, because whoever has chosen this weapon also runs a little faster (30%) and can therefore escape or attack better. The Punchy is available as a starting weapon in the game from the beginning and does not have to be collected.

PuppetMaster: If the Punchy achieves 5 Frags within a round, the player temporarily becomes the PuppetMaster and can make life really hard for his opponents. For 30 seconds he is 1.5 times faster than his fellow players, immediately receives 200% life energy and 200% shield energy and the Punchy kills an opponent with only one bite. However, the player is limited to the Punchy and cannot equip any other weapons as a PuppetMaster.

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationclose combat / melee
Fire modeautomatic
Hit damage50 hit points
Fire rate150 bites per minute
Maximum range32 units

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

You prefer to use the duck-like Punchy often but maybe you want some tips? Here you go:

  • An enemy just went into a Health Station near you but is looking the wrong way? Get the Punchy out and charge in for the kill, it will scare him. 😉
  • You just climbed something and at the top you find a sniper on the edge of something not looking your way at all? Then get your Punchy out and WALK to your opponent, he will not hear you; and you can go for the kill when you are close enough.
  • The power-up Speedy will help you get even more speed than is normally possible. Use it to confuse and take down opponents, but be warned, if you are not experienced enough with the Speedy you could get very frustrated.
  • If your opponents are always up close to you, but they are not very strong? Then get the Punchy out and bite them down!
  • It is generally not good to use a Punchy against an opponent with a Betty, Balloony or Boaster, as they may make quick work of you.
  • This weapon combined with the PadPower can see you take a lot of opponents down to become the PuppetMaster if used correctly.