Every good shooter needs a sniper rifle and in World of Padman the Splasher is intended for this. With its adjustable zoom, it is perfect for medium to high ranges. The only disadvantage is that it has a very low firing rate. In close combat, so it is not applicable for close combat.

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationhigh range
Fire modesemi-automatic
Hit damage100 hit points
Fire rate30 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity100000 units per second
Maximum range1000000 units
Ammunition typepink ammunition bottle
Ammunition quantity*10 shots in the clip and 10 shots per bottle
Maximum portable ammunition200 shots

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

Love it or Hate it. The Splasher is a must have for all snipers.

  • Don’t use this weapon in normal combat too much, the long reload time will give your opponents a lot of time to take you down.
  • Against an unshielded opponent it will knock them out in 1 to 2 shots.
  • Against a 100% shielded opponent it will take most of the shield and some of the health away.
  • Against a 200% shielded opponent you might as well be very good at aiming to get multiple shots in or jump down with something more suitable.
  • It is good against weakening and eventually knocking out the player with the PadPower.
  • If you shoot someone with the Splasher mid-battle, they’ll mostly be very low on health. So it’s better to switch directly to the Bubble G. or the Pumper instead of trying to get another hit with the Splasher.
  • Master this weapon to it’s true potential and your fellow players will fear you.