Addons for World of Padman

Here you can find addons for World of Padman (stand-alone game), like custom maps, player models and skins from the community. Only those files are listed, which are compatible with the current version of World of Padman to our knowledge. If you can’t find your files, they might not be compatible or we don’t know about it yet. Please ensure compatibility with the latest version of WoP and let us know. We will add them here as soon as possible.

Please note that the contents offered here are the property of the respective authors and are therefore protected by copyright. For installation please unpack the content of the respective ZIP file and move the PK3 file(s) contained therein into the wop folder of your Padman user directory (Windows: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Padman\wop\ | Linux: ~./padman/wop/). There you can usually find demos and screenshots you have taken. Further information on copyright, license and installation can usually be found in the README file included with the download.


ENTE's PadCastle (PadPack)


ENTE’s PadCastle is, besides PadGallery, part of ENTE’s PadPack for World of Padman. The map…

ENTE's PadGallery (PadPack)


ENTE’s PadGallery is, besides PadCastle, part of ENTE’s PadPack for World of Padman. It is…

Player models

Music packs

Carnage by Mighty Pete


PadWorld Entertainment proudly presents the Carnage music album created by the all-round talent Mighty Pete.…