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Padman roughly sketched News

How to draw Padman

ENTE just released a video on how to draw our beloved Padman character in a quick’n’dirty way. This might come in handy for your own Padman sketches, e.g. for level shots and such. 😀

WoP Service News

The WoP forum is moving

As you most likely noticed, the forum is currently unavailable. This is due to PadWorld is moving to a new server. Both gaming servers are already running on the new hardware, forum and website are getting transferred afterwards. This will presumably take a few days. In case you are getting bored meanwhile, why not play […]


Adding a map to the create menu

This tutorial will show you how to add your own map called MyMap to the map selection in the create menu in World of Padman. Please note that this tutorial only works with World of Padman version 1.6 or higher. For further editing you will need a text editor and possibly an image editing program. […]

Create a dedicated WoP server

This tutorial will show you how to create a dedicated server for World of Padman and everything you need to know about a basic setup, necessary files, useful commands and variables. This tutorial may be a bit more extensive than you are used to. General information about servers First of all, this tutorial is targeted […]

Start modding World of Padman

This tutorial will show you where to get required files and how to create a basic mod for World of Padman. This is a very basic tutorial and should also only give you a first orientation regarding the source code and its concept. Preface Before you consider starting a mod, you need a few things. […]