Backyard Kerfuffle

Backyard Kerfuffle, created by 3aTmE!, actually started as a test map for a water shader and developed into a small but fine 1vs1 map within a weekend. But it can also be enjoyed with up to four players.

  • Author: 3aTmE!
  • Game modes: FFA (Team), LPS
  • Bots: Fully supported
  • Compatibility: WoP 1.6 and newer
  • Date: August 7th, 2023

Since this map uses some features of the OpenGL2 renderer first introduced in WoP 1.6.1, it is recommended to turn it on as well to benefit from certain graphical effects! The following settings should be made:

cl_renderer "opengl2" // Turns on the OpenGL 2 renderer
r_sunlightMode "2"
r_sunShadows "1"
r_genNormalMaps "1"
r_drawSunRays "1"
r_baseGloss "0"
r_glossType "3"
r_dlightMode "2"
r_pbr "1"
r_cubeMapping "1"
r_cubemapSize "512"
r_ssao "1"


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