PadWorld Entertainment proudly presents the Carnage music album created by the all-round talent Mighty Pete. It is the first music pack for the standalone version of World of Padman and was already released on July 12, 2007. According to the readme file, the album must be listened to loudly. If there are no complaints about the volume, then it is not played loud enough!

In the game the music menu can be opened and also closed again by pressing the “M” key. With the switch button you can change the existing albums and by clicking on them you can select the songs you want to play. Beside the ZIP file there is for Windows operating systems alternatively also an installer, via which the music package can be installed automatically. Mighty Pete reserves all rights to the music.

  • Music: Mighty Pete
  • Content: 9 Tracks
  • Booklet: Mighty Pete
  • Compatibility: WoP 1.1 an newer
  • Date: July 12th, 2007


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