PadWorld Entertainment proudly presents the Plasmafuse music album by Ronny Rasmusson. It contains a compilation of 11 tracks from different eras of Ronny’s band Plasmafuse, with which he breaks new ground in the field of electronic ambient music. In the game, the music menu can be called up and also closed again by pressing the “M” key. The existing albums can be changed via the switch button and the songs that are to be played can be selected by clicking on them. Ronny Rasmusson reserves all rights to the music.

  • Music: Ronny Rasmusson
  • Content: 11 Tracks
  • Booklet: Ronny Rasmusson, Kai-Li
  • Compatibility: WoP 1.6 and newer
  • License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
  • Date: December 24th, 2021


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