PadGallery deLuxe (Q3A)

PadGallery deLuxe is a complete overhauled version of ENTE’s third PadMap, PadGallery for Quake 3 Arena. It differs a lot from the old version. It is bigger, more colorful, more detailed and simply much better. It represents a picture gallery, where in some areas the works of the participants of the Padman skin contest got presented then. The winner received a whole room in the map to present his works, the Padman statue got the winning skin on it and a release in the American PC Gamer.

  • Game types: FFA, Team DM
  • Bots: Padishment, Pelvis, PiB, Padman
  • Date: June 24th, 2001

The deLuxe version does not replace the old version of PadGallery in the installation directory, but is installed additionally.

Pictures gallery