2007/06 | ModDB.com

Feature: World of Padman

Published on ModDB.com (AU) | June 22nd, 2007

World of Padman was once a mod for Quake 3: Arena and it rocked. Everything that could be made, was, and it was all done with skill. The stand alone game uses the mod as a base and improves on it in all areas, from the colorful visuals to the creative game modes. … The World of Padman team members have certainly put their hearts and souls into this game and it really shows. No detail has been missed – their work ethic rivals many commercial games.”

On Moddb.com a very detailed feature was released by: Sallychin to World of Padman as a standalone game. The bow is stretched from the PadMod for Quake 3 Arena to the standalone version. In doing so, it details the artistic graphic style, the game modes, the weapons and the game world. As a positive, the charming style, the visual and playful level design, the presentation in commercial quality and the solid game modes are highlighted. As negative the partially too strong similarity to Quake 3 is named and that the cartoon graphics style could scare off players with an interest in more realism. The review is directly accessible via ModDB.com (web achrive).