If somewhere in the game a purple star suddenly appears, run! With its all-destructive explosion, the Imperius is simply the most powerful of all weapons. It is so dangerous that it is hard to find and does not appear in all maps and game modes, such as Big Balloon, Last Pad Standing and  Capture The Lolly. However, it has two major drawbacks. With only two shots in the magazine, it’s not exactly well equiped and it takes some time to recharge. If it is ready to fire, a beep sounds and the trigger should be released so that the player doesn’t atomize himself. In addition, the beast shakes like crazy when charging, which makes aiming much more difficult. The right ammo is always rare and well hidden.

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(*Default values may vary by map.)
NameValue / Description
Field of applicationlong range
Fire modesingle
Hit damage120 hit points (within a radius of 120 units)
Fire rate75 rounds per minute (without consideration of loading time)
Charge time1.8 seconds charging time (overcharge explosion at a total of 3 seconds)
Muzzle velocity900 units per second
Maximum range9000 units
Ammunition typepurple ammunition bottle
Ammunition quantity*2 shots in the clip and 3 shots per bottle
Maximum portable ammunition2 shots

Psychic Pads Monster Tips

This is the weapon people dream of using in this game, but it can be hard to get. If you are lucky enough to use one, try to use it without blasting yourself to Pluto with these essential IMP-tips:

  • Remember this weapon once picked up will usually only spawn again in two minutes time, so it’s no good sitting there waiting for it to spawn if someone has just taken it, you will fall so far behind in the game.
  • Remember this weapon is NOT available in the game type Big Balloon (and others) for the reason of game balance.
  • When you use this weapon, make sure you fire it at long distance.
  • If you are fully shielded you can use it against medium distanced opponents and still survive.
  • Don’t hold the charge too long … or you will lose your hands.
  • When this weapon is combined with the PadPower you can turn into a suicide bomb and still survive to collect the green cartridge goodness.
  • The ammo for this gun is harder to find in the maps, but if your IMP is out of ammo, it’s worth while getting more.
  • The Imperius is not lame to use, its charge time and two minute respawn means that who ever gets it, then it’s well done to them and ha-ha to you. Don’t like it? Get it yourself, or learn to counter it, it’s possible, so stop yer whinin’!