PADMAN Classic

The PADMAN Classic skin is based on ENTE’s design of his PADMAN character from the early comics of the same name, which first appeared in PSG magazine in 1998. Back then, PADMAN didn’t have those high curved glasses in the shape of the PadLogo because it didn’t exist yet. That’s why the belt buckle is also adorned with a red X from a gamepad button and not the PadLogo. PADMAN’s suit was yellow at the time, but had green instead of black sleeve and pants ends. Also, his skin tone was more teal instead of today’s blue. The PADMAN Classic skin comes with team colors and glow skin support. The PadClassic bot uses the PADMAN AI file.

  • Author: Kai-Li
  • Skin size: 512px
  • Team skins: available
  • Glow skins: available
  • Bot support: complete
  • Compatibility: WoP 1.6 and newer
  • Bot name: PadClassic
  • Model: PADMAN
  • Date: December 12th, 2021


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