Last Pad Standing

Last Pad Standing (LPS) is nothing more than the good old Last Man Standing, which found its way into World of Padman. It is basically a variation of the Free For All game type, but it cannot be played as a team.

Game Principle

Every player has a certain number of virtual lives at the beginning of a round and drops out of the round as soon as these lives are all gone. The last two players decide in a duel which of them wins the round. All other players have to wait a while, but can watch the remaining players fight for the first place and enjoy.


By taking down the other players, no points in the classic sense can be scored. Rather, your own starting points, i.e. the number of lives at the beginning of the round, are reduced by one each time you are taken down. This has to be avoided.


Since this game mode often invites to hide and wait until the other players have made life difficult for each other, a position icon is displayed above each player, which can also be seen through walls. Hiding and waiting should be made more difficult. To make it especially exciting, the position icon of the leading player is always colored red. If several players take first place at the same time, they are all marked with a red icon. The other players’ icon is blue.

Psychic Pad’s Monster Tips

Do what you must to overcome all your enemies and be the Last Pad Standing to win. Some handy hints:

  • Try not to get into fights early on. Take your time and stand back.
  • Collect as much weapons, ammo and powerups as you can while avoiding fights early in the game.
  • Pounce on the weak.
  • Run away from the strong.
  • Play tactically. Do whatever you must to win, whether it be fighting or running.