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The WoP team on Twitter

You might already have found one or two members of the WoP Team on Twitter. Now we have added a shared account for all team members which you can find on @world_of_padman. Twitter allows us to share some smaller bits of information about anything that is happening around World of Padman, or in the life […]

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP News

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP released

Another year, still no WoP 2.0. But a new version of the X-Mas mod to save the day! (And maybe a year, at least the month.) We could even call it X-Mas WoP 2.0, but the X-Mas team really is not organized enough to have any version numbers for the mod. The mod changes several […]

Interview on

There is a new place to go for Linux users, the Ubuntu magazine. Since there are plenty of WoP friends within the Linux gamer community, ENTE was asked to give a little interview (web archive). So, pay them a visit and read what our Lead-Bluenose babbled about again. 😉

X-Mas mod for WoP News

Ho ho ho!

Let’s start with the bad news. Unfortunately WoP 2.0 won’t make it this year, as you may have already guessed by the lack of news. I can’t give you a new release date yet but I can assure you we’re going to do the best we can to get it done as soon as possible. […]

GIGA Games (DE) | 21/07/2007 News


A while ago Harmonieman made a detour into the wonderful world of television in order to present WoP on German MTV, ENTE of course did not want to fall behind and accepted an invite to visit GIGA TV. So last week he packed his bag and drove to the GIGA studio in Cologne in order […]