2009 X-Mas mod for WoP released

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP

Another year, still no WoP 2.0. But a new version of the X-Mas mod to save the day! (And maybe a year, at least the month.) We could even call it X-Mas WoP 2.0, but the X-Mas team really is not organized enough to have any version numbers for the mod.

The mod changes several things in World of Padman to a Christmas themed version adding several Christmas hats, item models, music, some skins, spray logos, menu changes and a freeze tag game mode. To install the mod, just extract the xmas folder into your World of Padman directory. If you still have the old version of the mod you can remove that before the installation.


Download 2009 X-Mas mod for World of Padman
( 45,8 MB | xmas_wop_2009.zip | MD5: 7198B5F2333CC17DB3171E0A85A90EB0 )

Server running the mod: CFS – Xmas