Ho ho ho!

X-Mas mod for WoP

Let’s start with the bad news. Unfortunately WoP 2.0 won’t make it this year, as you may have already guessed by the lack of news. I can’t give you a new release date yet but I can assure you we’re going to do the best we can to get it done as soon as possible.

Now, we offer at least a bit of consolation to help you with your grief about the delay. PaulR and myself have spend the last 3 weeks hacking together a Christmas modification for your enjoyment! It hopefully will be done around summer… I kid, I kid! It’s available for download right now.

So what does it offer? This:

  • freeze tag game mode (even fancier than the mod you might already have seen)
  • Christmas themed
    • Ammo-Packs
    • Powerups
    • Armor shards
    • HealthStations
    • Big Ballon Boxes
    • Spray your Color cartridges
    • Spray logos
    • Music
    • Re-colored weapon effects
    • Everything!
  • 8 silly hats to chose from

Some textures in PadGarden and PadKitchen have been changed too, unfortunately there wasn’t time for more texture changes. It turns out 3 weeks are a short time to finish a mod. 😉 So if you want some more Christmas spirit in WoP or can’t wait to put silly hats onto Padman pick a download location below and see you on a server.


Download X-Mas mod for World of Padman
( 34,8 MB | xmas.zip | MD5: 9325507A251307967625C680DAF5601B )

There is a server running the mod: CFS – Xmas :

Update: The X-Mas mod for WoP had a major update in 2009 so we recommend to download the updated version.