GIGA Games (DE) | 21/07/2007

A while ago Harmonieman made a detour into the wonderful world of television in order to present WoP on German MTV, ENTE of course did not want to fall behind and accepted an invite to visit GIGA TV. So last week he packed his bag and drove to the GIGA studio in Cologne in order to demonstrate to the viewers of the GIGA Esports Insight show which games (and of course much better games) other than Counter Strike are out there. 😉

If you missed the show, or cannot watch GIGA, there is still hope for you. Thanks to kARMU! He recorded the 17 minute long segment and thus makes it possible for us to offer you the whole thing now. We have added English sub titles now so you can read along and watch ENTE kick the hosts butt playing WoP with him. 😉