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WoP Service News

We are back again!

As you might have noticed, we were not available the last few days. The server running the website and the forum as well has had a damaged hardware. The broken down component has been replaced and the server is running again now. Sorry for the downtime.

Lightsmark benchmark (source: News

Lightsmark featuring PadAttic

Not only PadWorld Entertainment is working all night on a product for your pleasure. There is also Stepan Hrbek working on a lighting benchmark called Lightsmark. This multi platform benchmark has now been released in a first version and shows, how light and shadow are rendered in real time and the difference between types of […]

WoP modding – InstaGib

After ENTE released his PadPack that gave the WoP community more content, the community is working on some new stuff as well. Forum readers may already know, that a server with a mod made by paulR is running at the IP for some time now. paulR made some great work and integrated the game […]

GIGA Games (DE) | 03/04/2007 News

WoP at German GIGA Games TV

This was a surprise to us because we found a note in our shout box that WoP would be televised on German GIGA Games TV. And that is exactly what happened! The two boys (and a girl) played the game for about 25 minutes live on television to present it to their audience. Great! It […]

More FAQ

One or the other may have thought that we are no longer alive, but do not worry, we are still breathing. In order to show our goodwill and treat you to something new, we have expanded the FAQ a bit and put down information about the server HUD, the ready command, the chat icons and […]

Website redone

As you can see, we have redone the website a bit. The old silly frames got kicked and we did the page in PHP now. This should give us more flexibility in designing the page and adding more features. The first new feature is already installed and you’ll have already noticed the bar on the […]

Still searching for a place to play?

It is not easy to find a running WoP server and that is why we decided to help you in finding one. FEzzz coded a nice script, which displays some servers and gives some information about them. Just click on SERVER and you will get the list. You can see the IP and the number […]

Being the best in Big Balloon

Ok, some time is over now and you may have had a look at the maps for Big Balloon. Everyone who likes this game type should find 3 other guys and head over to to sign up for the official World of Padman Big Balloon Cup. We hope that a lot of clans and […]

PadMod First Release News

It is here! Go and get it!

We can not believe it ourselves, but it is true, the PadMod is finally ready for download. Entire two and a half years now it’s been since the start of the World of Padman, a Q3A FunMod. What was supposed to be the crowning finale of the PadMaps series at that time, developed more and […]