WoP modding – InstaGib

After ENTE released his PadPack that gave the WoP community more content, the community is working on some new stuff as well. Forum readers may already know, that a server with a mod made by paulR is running at the IP for some time now. paulR made some great work and integrated the game type InstaGib into the World of Padman. If you are not familiar with InstaGib here is how it works: you spawn with a weapon with unlimited ammo, which kills with a single shot. This feature makes the mod most interesting for snipers using SPLASHER. All other weapons and powerups were removed from the map. This mod is server side, so you do not need to download and install any files, just connect to the server and have fun.

The following options are already available for voting via the console:

  • g_InstaWeapon < Name/id > sets the weapon that the players will spawn with, which are PUNCHY, NiPPER, PUMPER, BALLOONY, BETTY, SPLASHER, BUBBLE G., iMPERiUS
  • g_InstaPowerUps < 1/0 > enables/disables InstaGib relevant powerups and items present on the map, which are Speedy, Visionless, Jumper and Floater
  • g_InstaRocketJump < 1/0 > enables/disables knock back for all the weapons without causing self damage
  • g_InstaSplashDamage < 1/0 > enables/disables splash damage produced by weapons such as BETTY, this damage is InstaGib for you and your opponents as well
  • g_InstaNoSelfDamage < 1/0 > enabling this will cause the shooter to not be affected by damage resulting from enabled g_InstaSplashDamage, this is only evaluated if g_InstaRocketJump is disabled

A change on option g_InstaWeapon and g_InstaPowerUps required a map restart or a map change. The mod InstaGib is still in beta and paulR will be glad to get some feedback.