It is here! Go and get it!

PadMod First Release

We can not believe it ourselves, but it is true, the PadMod is finally ready for download. Entire two and a half years now it’s been since the start of the World of Padman, a Q3A FunMod. What was supposed to be the crowning finale of the PadMaps series at that time, developed more and more into a never-ending long-term project, which not only strained the nerves of the waiting players, but also those of the WoP members. So many members gave up quite early and it had to be found replacement, which then additionally caused delays. Many wanted to work on the mod, but few had the ambition and stamina to end it, no matter how long it took. And so it is only due to a hard core that the World of Padman was not just tapped in the bin and you can download it now finally. Of course, it was also your nice e-mails that contributed to the fact that the PadMod team was always able to draw new strength. After all, it is you for whom we have done this whole thing. 🙂

Well, and now the day has come, to which only the fewest among you had believed. 😀 For us it is a strange feeling, as if it were a farewell, a farewell of two and a half years of WoP work. Suddenly you start clearing out of your computer, tidying up your workspace, stuffing all the sketches into some cardboard box, pulling up the shutters and looking out the window again. Many of us even start to think about going out of the house. 😉

Ok, of course we do not close the store now, after all, this is basically just the first beta version of the PadMod. We will try to fix more bugs and maybe even implement some of the earlier ideas. Also, one or the other map will certainly arise, but how much still happens, depends basically only on you. We will sit back for a while and see how the whole thing develops. 😉

So, have fun with the World of Padman and a big thank you to all of you who never gave up hope and encouraged us again and again.

Your PadMod team

There are two versions available for download, one is a Windows version with a professional installer, which we would like to recommend to everyone and a zipped Linux/MacOS version. Both versions and corresponding mirrors can be found on our website under downloads. Below are a few servers listed. Of course we will try to keep the lists up to date.

Since the .sh files were damaged when packing the ZIP, the following is a small text that shows you how to make the files functional again. It is only a small touch and affects only the Linux user! 😉

Unfortunately, an error has happened while compiling the zip file for the PadMod. Obviously, the scripts and the readme-woplinux.txt file for Linux have been converted to Windows text file format, which causes the scripts to malfunction. It can be easily fixed by running the small tool dos2unix (in debian, it is being contained by the sysutils package). Simply run the command “dos2unix” in the Quake3 main directory.

Furthermore, there can be starting problems, if you do not have the quake3 executable in one of the paths in $PATH. In this case, simply insert the line into: “export PATH=$PATH:./” after “#!/bin/bash” in and and start the programs using ./ and respectively from the quake3 main directory.

Now that you have all started the download, you can find out the right server while downloading:

BigBalloon powered by Sunrabbit powered by dbb powered by powered by

Spray Your Color FFA powered by Sunrabbit powered by dbb powered by

Last Pad Standing powered by powered by dbb powered by

Spray Your Color Team powered by

Because I am too lazy to check all the servers running, here are some without description. Have fun. 😉

IP:Port #1
IP:Port #2
IP:Port #3
IP:Port #4
IP:Port #5

And thank you go2host!

Update: The promised league can be found at Here Big Balloon is offered in 4 on 4. So form teams and sign up!