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eXp und PadMod – a great team

Already 7 servers are ready and waiting to be boarded from 18 o’clock, but our hoster eXp is still on it. So wants to support us properly today and plans to provide a “few” servers. If everything goes smoothly, then at 6pm there will be 10 ❗ eXp servers all running the PadMod. A […] PAD Double Feature News double feature

The site will launch a Pad double feature this weekend. They will launch two servers shortly after the release, each with something to do with Padman and his friends. Of course, a server will host the mod and thus be ready for you to test our “little” mod. The second server is for friends […]

Exclusive PadMod ingame action News

Set and action!

We all know you want a beta and it is quiet nice that some people are still waiting (hello somtin). The beta is on its way and you can expect it in the next month (or maybe this month?!). To shorten the time a bit, we have some nice ingame action pictures to show. Our […]

Website is online again

Faster than expected, our page is now online again! We thank eXtreme-players for the nimble work and of course we are happy that everything went so smoothly. I hope that I have loaded all files back to the server, but if there are problems, e.g. a picture is missing or even an entire page, so […]

Skybox by MightyPete News

Big news update no. 7

It is time again to bring you a little up to date with the development and that is why today we present to you the big news update no. 7! If you are wondering why this time I (Harmonieman) write this news, there is a simple reason. ENTE has so much on his mind and […]