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Let’s say thanks!

The only thing we can say is: WOW! The reactions during the last week were amazing and it is a lot more than we expected. One week has elapsed since the release of the stand alone of World of Padman and the team is still sitting in front of their PCs without knowing what to […]

WoP – it is done!

Phew, how to write a fitting news story for the release of a project like the World of Padman Standalone? Make it long and elaborate, or a short solid piece? Months, no, years already, the WoP team has been working on this project. Everyone sitting hours and hours in front of their PC’s, produced new […]

Welcome to the new WoPsite

Yesterday a new WoP trailer, now a new WoP website, and before long the very first version of the World of Padman stand alone (around 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST). We just won’t stop. 😉 Good old Smiley spend the last month, calmly tinkering away on a brand new World of Padman website. This new page […]

WoP stand alone trailer online!

The PadWorld team continues to work obsessively on the World of Padman stand alone game as April 1st closes in. Awake all hours, the team absorb the pressure, and feverishly try to polish the game until the last possible moment. Our doomdragon has worked extremely hard without breaks over many nights to produce a new […]

MTV GameOne (DE) | 21/03/2007 News

WoP on MTV Game One

By the way, our Harmonieman visited the Hamburg editorial office of MTV GameOne, a German TV show about computer games, for an interview about making a mod in general, and it was broadcast on GameOne on 21st of March at 7:30 pm (GMT+01:00). This gives us a nice opportunity to show you some fresh footage […]

The decorators are in …

… the house and feverishly preparing the stand alone version of World of Padman, tweaking polygons, adjusting sharers and applying new textures, sounds and such the like. ENTE’s PadGarden, PadKitchen and PadLibrary are already finished and ready for beta-testing, possibly as early as next month. Others, such as Harms Hütte & Diner, are almost done, […]

New WoP menu in the works!

For the upcoming stand alone version of World of Padman we want to make a lot of things much better. That is why ENTE started to rework all the menu pictures to make it more colorful and to change it more into a comic art style. It is not finished yet but we wanted to […]

MopAn’s Jail – Wet paint!

After having some issues of players acceptance with MopAn’s Jail, he decided to redesign it and it is going to be an eye candy! 😮 Everything will be much better, new paths, new item placement, bigger area on the outside and especially a new color design. We, the WoP-Team members, walked through it with mouths […]

3sat Neues (DE) | 07/05/2006 News

WoP on TV again!

DoomDragon has pointed out in the PadForum that our small PadMod has been on TV again. 😮 It happened in the context of the LinuxTag 2006 which went out via 3Sat. It was a pleasant surprise we knew anything about it ❗ but perhaps someone from the Linux Gamers can shed some more light on […]