Let’s say thanks!

The only thing we can say is: WOW! The reactions during the last week were amazing and it is a lot more than we expected. One week has elapsed since the release of the stand alone of World of Padman and the team is still sitting in front of their PCs without knowing what to say. Before April 1st we worked on our multi colored shooter all day and night, now we are surfing the internet in search of articles and comments. 😉

Who would have expected that this site would get so many visitors, more than 140,000 in just one week, that so many people would take a look at the trailer on YouTube, right about 10,000 times now, and that there is mostly only positive feedback with only a few bug reports. All this is really more than we had dreamed of. We had TV presentations (German MTV and GIGA), magazines contacted us and want to feature us with articles, many mirrors have appeared to support us, big sites mentioned us and we got commended for the game. So we think it is time to thank you all for the support we have got.

You might ask yourself how it will go on with the PadWorld? What can you expect in the future? Will it go on? We can calm you down, of course it will continue. 😉

This first version is not supposed to be the final one. There are some things we want to implement in future versions like the missing single player. Well, we only plan to integrate a simple single player, fighting against the bots through the maps, but we want to tell a story by adding some nice comic strips and videos. Known bugs will be fixed too and some new features are also on our list. Have we already mentioned a new map pack by ENTE, which might be available within 2 or 3 weeks? 😉

Btw, we also want you to know that we are still in need of an animator for our player models! If you want to be a part of the WoP team, then drop us a line. Keep watching this website and be prepared for news from the World of Padman …