WoP stand alone trailer online!

The PadWorld team continues to work obsessively on the World of Padman stand alone game as April 1st closes in. Awake all hours, the team absorb the pressure, and feverishly try to polish the game until the last possible moment. Our doomdragon has worked extremely hard without breaks over many nights to produce a new trailer, which was enthusiastically received by the WoP team only a few hours ago. With the release of this fantastic trailer, we are able to show you that the World of Padman is more than a simple fan project. doomdragon’s presentation of the World of Padman stand alone is a beautiful eye catcher, and shows just how much work and heart has been put into the entire WoP project.

Beside the well-known things such as game modes and player models, you will see new effects and features, like the PuppetMaster and its deadly cocktail of powers. The Swedish band Dieselkopf provide the music, and 2 of the 3 music albums included with the game. If you want to know what the World of Padman is all about, and see how it is changed since the mod version, understand why the team has no time for real-life, or anything else, then this fabulous trailer should answer many of your questions. The PadWorld team is not giving up the work on WoP! Not while we all have healthy blue skin. 😉

Have fun!