The decorators are in …

… the house and feverishly preparing the stand alone version of World of Padman, tweaking polygons, adjusting sharers and applying new textures, sounds and such the like.

ENTE’s PadGarden, PadKitchen and PadLibrary are already finished and ready for beta-testing, possibly as early as next month. Others, such as Harms Hütte & Diner, are almost done, and Kai’s new Trash map (where you can expect to be recycled a few times 😉 ) is catching up quickly; and likely to become a future favorite. However, it is not just the maps that are being transformed, new menu graphics are said to be 92% complete, and hopes are high for a new start movie, and new end credits featuring a high-resolution Padman figure.

Just in case the new game is not enough 😉 Smiley is building a completely new multilingual WoP website from the ground up which is packed with new features. New installers for Windows, Linux and Macintosh will be made available too, so that downloading and installing WoP will be a lot easier in the future. 😮 The Berlin band Green Sun think all of this is something to sing about 😉 , so they are finalising the lyrics to a new Padman song. 🙂

Please spread the word that we are still looking for an experienced player model animator to put some final touches to the characters ❗ , and please visit the WoP server to ensure your survival skills are up-to-date. 😀

(Translation by IG)