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Indie of the Year Awards 2018 News

Indie of the Year Awards 2018

IndieDB just kicked off its annual Indie of the Year Awards for the 9th time. Like all the years before, you have the chance to vote World of Padman into the Top 100 Indie Games within the next 10 days. To do so, simply visit WoP’s IndieDB game profile and click the “vote now” button. […]

ENTE's PadCastle (Q3A) News

Advent Calendar 2018: Door #1

It is advent time over here in Germany and from 1st until 24th of December we traditionally open one door each day in our advent calendar to count the days until Christmas and to receive small presents. We want to maintain the tradition and until Christmas is coming we will open one virtual door for […]


Catalog: map objects

The following list should help you to get an overview about the map objects used in World of Padman, which are located in the directory /models/mapobjects/. You can find additional information about the topic in the tutorial Handling map objects. raven_sitting_1 Model author: doomdragon Skin author: doomdragon Polygon count: ??? Path: models/mapobjects/animated/raven_sitting_1.MD3 Keys: animationStart 0; […]

Smokin' Guns Map @Daemon News

Smokin’ Guns will return?

Our friends from Smokin’ Guns recently announced the idea of reviving the development of their game. Téquila, long time no see and head of the team behind Smokin’ Guns, is thinking out loudly to port the game to the Daemon game engine, which itself is developed for the stand alone game Unvanquished. The purpose of […]

Adri{HUN} YouTube channel News

[PAD]Day Videos by Adri{HUN}

Adri{HUN}, a well know World of Padman player these days, is not stopping to capture and to release videos from her plenty [PAD]Day matches. She is putting a lot of efforts into composing and editing her videos according to the soundtrack of the WoP game. Meanwhile you can find eight videos on her YouTube channel […]

DuckWire YouTube channel News

Who is DuckWire?

ENTE is reviving his YouTube channel DuckWire. He established it already years ago and uploaded some tutorials for the World of Padman game, as we reported here, but never continued adding further content. This seems to change now, since he started to create and to upload Let’s Plays. Most interesting, he seems to pay a […]

[PAD]DAY #1 2018 News

A huge success!

The first [PAD]DAY this year was a huge success and so will be the upcoming one. A big thanks for joining and spending time with friends. All together 37 players joined Hectic’s Server in the evening. BadPaddy, Atta{HUN}, Adri{HUN}, Happy Death, rikaki, yogurtur, [HEART], dravin, >dolli<, -=Shaw=-, Ben, SirDrinkaLot, Fanni{HUN}, Lollek, PadWolf, TalkLounge, RUBBER-DUCK, blu, […]

[PAD]DAY Revival News

[PAD]Day Revival

As Christmas is coming, we want to bring a small present to all of us and to rebuild the [PAD]Community with reviving the good old [PAD]DAY. But this time we will start with meeting on every 1st Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm CET on Hectic’s FunServer ( So the first [PAD]DAY of 2018 […]

Indie of the Year Awards 2017 News

Indie of the Year Awards 2017 started

We are a little late because IndieDB already started its Indie of the Year Awards of the year 2017. It has been some time since we ranked there in the Top 100 indie games and I can still remember when World of Padman was the Top 4 Indie Game of the Year in 2007 which […]