WoP in Social Media

WoP Social Media

World of Padman has been present in social media for many years, especially Facebook and Twitter, where we have been since December 2009 and August 2010. Also we must not forget our evergreen ModDB, where WoP is active since August 2002. But the world does not stop and the way information on the internet finds its way to the user has changed drastically in the last 10 years. In the past, people used to use the search engine of their choice in their browser and regularly visited interesting websites that were more or less well sorted in the bookmark list. Today, however, the user expects the information to find him or her and to do so all by itself, directly via app on the mobile phone.

Social media make a major contribution to this with their apps and have become very diverse. Some of them sink towards the horizon while others shine brightly in the starry sky. Therefore we have recently established World of Padman in other networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit. In addition, we have added the instant messaging service Discord, which you can now use to contact each other directly. The first place to go for information about World of Padman will continue to be our website, but we will spread news and articles about World of Padman as much as possible through the different social media, so that you won’t miss anything. This means a lot of effort for us, but it just does not work without it. In the following you will find a list of the subdomains we have set up, so that you can always find us in the corresponding networks.

Now it is up to you to be active there, to follow us, to share, link, vote, comment or publish your own content like screenshots, videos and fan art of World of Padman. We are not only happy about every activity that makes World of Padman better known and in general contributes to the enlargement of the community, but we really encourage you to do so!