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ModDB MotY 2009 Awards already started

A few days ago ModDB announced their annual Mod of the Year Awards. Again, like previous years the event will proceed in three phases. Phase one has already started and runs until January 5th of 2010, you are able to nominate your favourite game mods and independent games titles of 2009 for the Top 100 […]

WoP Service News

Attention! Community board in the works

Some of you may have recognized that something is going on with the community board. This is due to Smiley working hard on the database and the board software to bring it up to date. Please be patient and do not be sad if you find the board in maintainance mode or completely offline. We […]

Painted Death by Neurological News

Neurological for your ears

Neurological, an Italian self-made musician and well known games modder recently released his first music pack for World of Padman stand alone game. He is the guy behind mods like Mind and x – MASS for Doom 3 and several contributions for other games like Quake 4, Oblivion and Postal 2. As he realised that […]

ModDB MotY 2008 Awards – 2nd phase started

Two days ago the top 100 Players Choice list of released and unreleased mods & indie games of ModDB’s MotY 2008 Awards was released to the public. There you can find also 51 complete new titles alongside some well know classic ones of the past years, which made it into the list. Do you remember […]

ModDB MotY 2008 Awards announced

A few days ago ModDB announced their annual Mod of the Year Awards which goes into round seven in 2008. Like known from the last years the event will proceed in three phases. In phase one, starting from January 2nd to January 16th of 2009, you are able to nominate your favourite game mods and […]

Iron Grip: Warlord News

Iron Grip: Warlord released

Iron Grip: Warlord, an arcade styled game with a setting in the Iron Grip universe was released last week. It is an id Tech 3 engine based game and the first commercial released game made by ISOTX. These guys are well known for a whole bunch of mods for a couple of games in the […]

ModDB MotY 2007 (source: News

TOP4 Indie Game on ModDB MotY Awards 2007

The ModDB MotY Awards 2007 are over now and we made it as number 4 top indie game of the year 2007. From 60 listed released indie games on ModDB you voted us into the top 5 for the first time and we are listed alongside great indie games like Tremulous and Warsow now. Even […]

Padman spotted in Poland!

Just a quick note. Quite recently we found out that our little game was mentioned in an issue of the Polish CHiP magazine some time ago. Sadly we did not understand any word written in the article, but we are very happy about it. Let us say welcome to new PadPlayers from Poland.

ENTE’s PadPack released – a first map pack

It is done, we bring to you a first map package with three new maps for World of Padman. ENTE himself revised three maps from old Quake 3 Arena days again. ENTE’s PadPack contains PadGallery, PadCastle and PadCrash. Even though these maps are not Lilliput style maps, they promise and deliver quality construction and fantastic […]